Lunch Buffet at Taj Indian Cuisine
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2010 Jul 2
No buffet when we went. It was overpriced dishes, which are so small, you need 10 to fill you up. Pushy salesmen, and food that should have been served in a cheap buffet. Disillusioned and pretentious place, total crap!

Let the portions and the price speak for themselves.

2009 Feb 17
Tellsthetruth The buffet is pretty damn good for the price. My only complaint is that the Butter chicken is not boneless.

Now, on to my review! I'm a big fan of the Taj, so I was elated to hear that rather than the standard pizza fare, my soon-to-be sister-in-law had chosen Indian for her take-out birthday dinner (as is custom in their family).

Everything was really good and well portioned: We had about six dishes, for seven people, plus pakoras (which could have been hotter) and a lot of naan (he gave us three extra pieces!) The beef curry was really nice, but I found a bit more done than I like. Amazingly yummy paneer, as well. All in all, we were stuffed, with leftover naan to boot!

2008 Nov 19
This review is probably a bit late. We went to this place while the Folk Fest was on -- in the summer. It was good Indian food, and it was a buffet (often buffet food is crap). My boyfriend and I were almost alone in the restaurant - we got there late mind you. Around 2 pm. There were only 3 other occupied tables and yet the chefs still cared about what we were eating. They were really nice there and they asked if everything was good -- I was happy to say that it honestly was. It was all damn cheap too. We more than got our money's worth. I like it when the people making the food I'm eating actually care. I tip well willingly when that happens. I'm concerned because this review is of an experience that I had a few months ago. I don't know if everything is the same there anymore but I hope that it is, and because of what I saw when I was there, I think they probably would still care. A chef that cares as much about putting out the quality that I saw that day wouldn't give it up -- might get fired but wouldn't give up of his or her own accord.

2012 Sep 12
Nice buffet with many options in small serving trays. Flavours are rich and enjoyable, although I found the channa masala to have a strong component I didn't like (and it's usually one of my favourites).

Butter chicken was delicious (and boneless). They also had a chicken curry where the thighs had bones (yum). There was no tandoori chicken to speak of -- the closest was entire chicken wings, coated in tandoori-like marinade, and then cooked somehow (definitely not roasted or tandoorified!). The end result was wet wings that tasted just okay.

I'd rate it higher than most Indian buffets, but don't go expecting tandoori chicken and tandoori naan. You might get wet chicken wings and fried naan. The tandoor wasn't broken either -- another diner requested tandoori naan and received it. ;-)