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2009 Jun 23
You know, I'm not sure why the pasta is airborn, but I'm sure the technique makes it taste better!

2008 Jul 19
"insufferably pompous" -- very good. :-)

i agree.

but for everyone's sake. please. lets expect better. cuz you obviously know. but sometimes we all forget.

the other thing, i wonder how many people on this forum smoke -- because either many have no culinary/cultural education or their tastebuds have all been singed from smoking.

2008 May 10
Sorry I sniped your 1st spot review on El Tucan! Thanks for the scoop on the place though - it was totally worthwhile. I think we may have crossed paths, even, at the restaurant!

2008 Apr 20

Just some gossip note. The cashiers at Kowloon told me that they don't like the owner at So Good because he does not respect them. They told me that he is only nice to "Canadian" (i.e., his customers). Anyway, I always tell my Canadian friends the tips to find a good Chinese restaurant: "When you go inside a Chinese restaurant, simply check if there is a large number of Chinese customers inside the restaurant."

2007 Dec 20
No, I do not still work there but I remain close with 2 of the bakers. Ummm... how do I put this politely....the owner has been running that bakery into the ground (which is a complete shame) with business going downhill for the past couple of years. She really has been jerking them around and gave everyone their notice that their last day is Sat.!