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2011 Mar 21
Thanks! It was quite fun to do.

2010 Sep 30
Yes. This is correct. Salted fish with chicken cubes rice.

2010 Sep 29
From Christmas last year ;)

2010 Jul 23
Read it in your Lichee View review, which I now realize is dated 21-Jul-2009 -- instead of 21-Jul-2010. Haha, no matter! He's still pretty new! Congrats, nonetheless!

2010 Jul 23
Congrats on the new addition to your fam. :)

2009 Jul 31
and the irish nachoes are...potato gnocchi? (the irish nachoes are actually done with potato chips, which is very odd. yet tasty. more savoury than spicy)

2009 Jul 31
Re: Italian burgers = oxymoron.

Fair enough, but I don't think nachoes/Irish nachoes are Italian either for that matter ;)

2009 Jul 30
Re: Vittoria Trattoria (Market)

So did you ask the waiter what his foot tasted like? Hahaha, sorry to hear you got lied to but it definitely gave me a good coffee-break chuckle :)

2009 Jul 23
Re: Petit Bill's...have you ever tried the vegetarian main over polenta? It's *so* very good. Yum Yum.

2009 Jul 23
Your review of Cathy Restaurant is right on. Actually many of the Canadian Chinese restaurants in Ottawa are simply the same (just like Cathy) and I and my friends would not go in to ever try their food. Why waste the money when I can make dishes better than their dishes.

Anyway, good job!