Foods from Phnom Penh Noodle House

2010 Aug 4
Went here last night for the first time, I had walked by it a number of times and after reading all the reviews on here I decided I should try it.

The service was wonderful the lady that was working at the counter was so sweet and friendly that alone would make me want to go back.

The food also wonderful I got the vegetarian spring rolls which I really enjoyed, my boyfriend got the plate with the five different things for an app and he enjoyed mostly everything on it.

We both got phad thai him with shrimp and me with tofu. The only thing about his was that the tails of the shrimp where still on which he didn't like(we think it was an accident because he ordered squid and we went for a walk while we were waiting to pickup and they realized they were out of squid after we left so when we came back they asked what he wanted instead and they hurried to get it ready for him). But other then that we were both thrilled with our food.
We will definitely be going back here soon and I would highly recommend it to anyone.
Staff 5/5
food taste 4.5/5

2010 May 1
I ordered lunch from this place last week after walking my dog by it for months.

Overall, the food was good. I had the deep fried shrimp with shrimp chips. This was not so exciting- The shrimp were wrapped in springroll wrapppers but were quite small. The shrimp chips tasted as though they'd been cooked ahead of time (probably in mass batches). They had a little less crisp than they should which sort of indicated to me that humidity had taken its toll.

The five flavors appetizer platter was really tasty and a change from regular spring rolls. I particularly liked the rice nest wrapped items. The contrast of textures were nice. I also thought that it was good value for the price.

I had an order of vermicelli with shrimp and pork which was good but not particularly amazing.

The restaurant itself is small but clean with modest decor, complete with a waving Chinese cat at the counter. The meal was very reasonably priced and service was pleasant and speedy.

I'd definately return. A word to the wise, I notice that they often close early if it's not busy. Their website says that they are open until 9pm, however, I've been by at 8pm and they've been closed on a slow night.

2009 Jun 2
Amazing spring rolls... I love the yam they use in the spring roll. I'm not sure if this is unique to this restaurant, but it certainly adds a creaminess to the spring roll that is special. Also, the service is great! My wife and I used to go this place at least 1x per month. The fried noodles are good, good "wok hay". And.... pad thai sans ketchup! Also, their hot sauce is killer. Not particularly hot, but very savoury.... thumbs way up.

Food: 4/5. Quite delicious... especially the hot sauce!
Drink: NA
Ambience: 2/5 I'll be generous here since you're not going here for the ambience
Service: Amazing service! 5/5
Decor: 2/5 I'll say the same for decor as for ambience.
Sound: No complaints here. 4/5
Overall: 4/5
Recommendation: Great little resto... come here if you're even remotely close! Order the spring rolls and get a fried noodle dish.

2009 Jan 11
Anne DesBrisay did a "drooling" review on this location today in today's Ottawa Citizen (January 11, 2009) "Heaping Praise". Check it out at

2009 Jan 4
I really enjoy this place. The atmosphere kind of sucks, to be honest, but whatever, the service is really nice and the food is original (ie, it stands out from the pho [XYZ] places that seem to be popping up everywhere now). I've had the soup, noodles with red curry, fried acrospire with rice noodles, spring rolls, chicken salad... all very fresh and rather large portions! If you like pork, this is a great place to go (pork spring rolls, pork curry, pork soup, etc) Overall, I think the curry based dishes are probably my favourite, though I do really enjoy the acrospire dishes since they are LOADED with mushrooms (and I love shrooms).

2008 Jul 23
I'm ashamed to say that tonight was the first time I've been to this place even though it's right around the corner. On a whim after work I asked the wife if she wanted to round up the kids and go.

I had a beef and noodle soup which was extremely yummy though there was not quite enough stuff in it to fill me up. Fortunately my youngest son had some BBQ beef sticks on vermicelli noodles and bean sprouts, and that was way too much vermicelli and sprouts for him so I loaded a bunch of it into my soup and almost 2 hours later I'm still thoroughly stuffed.

My oldest son had the wrapped, deep fried shrimp and shrimp chips from the appetizers menu. He counted 10 shrimp and they were a fair size - nonetheless he cleaned his plate off. The youngest guy quickly ate all the BBQ beef from his plate but is not a big fan of noodles so only ate a bit of that.

My wife had a dish with the same beef as my youngest son, but served on top of a different type of salad. She thought it was delish!

With the exception of not quite enough stuff in my otherwise massive bowl of soup, the quantities were extremely generous for the price.

We'll be back. Especially since the soup is basically just another take on Pho. Most likely we'll order in before too long.

2007 Jul 14
We had a very enjoyable dinner here. Casual atmosphere, fair prices, and mostly tasty food. The BBQ Beef Sticks with Lemongrass and Salad side appetizer was awesome! Super generous and refreshing spicy salad, with cucumber, carrots, peanut, lettuce, hot chilis, lime, bean sprouts.

Some other items were okay but not thrilling (see separate reviews below).

The Mi Ga La was awesome!

2007 Jun 15
Just a minor correction on LiveToEat's comment. It's on Wellington though if you drive east about a km it turns into Somerset. And technically it's not Mechanicsville til you hit the other side of Armstrong but I'd sooner be called Mechanicsville than Westboro :-)

2007 Jun 11
There are two of these, one in Mechanicsville (noodle house) and the other in Kanata...big difference...different owners as well....,

But I have been to the one downtown many times....Somerset in Mechanicsville. It was pretty good. I have never had Cambodian food before and the owners are chui chow chinese, but the dishes are quite different from the viets. I would say I found their stuff interesting, but don't go back regularly.

Very limited menu though.... family run, sisters and mother in the kitchen type of place.

I had warned them of the confusion when I was more regular, but they just shrugged...


2007 Jul 14
The fresh spring rolls (shrimp) were certainly freshly made (which isn't the case at many other restaurants) but they had more bean sprouts than I like -- half bean sprouts and half vermicelli.

Unfortunately, the menu says they come with peanut sauce or fish sauce but we didn't notice and the server didn't ask so we ended up with fish sauce. Didn't notice the peanut sauce option until reading the take-out menu just now. Too bad, because they would have been much better with peanut sauce!


2007 Jul 14
We had the soup with vegetables and pork (no noodles). The broth was enjoyable but not as tasty as a good pho broth. Still, it's neat to see a soup so chock full of veggies -- loads of broccoli, carrot slices, onion pieces, snow peas, and bean sprouts.

Vegetarians will shake their head at the following item marked as "Vegetarian": Pork Soup with Vegetables Only. LOL! Even better, on the takeout menu the "Vegetarian" marker is on a different soup: Pork Soup with Vegetables & Seafood.


2007 Jul 14
Our favourite dish was item 212, Cambodian Mi Ga La. This consisted of deliciously stirfried noodles with a slightly smoky taste, mixed with a combination of sliced peppers, cucumbers, and carrots, with chilis (but not super hot), peanuts, ground shrimp, sliced fish cake, fish sauce, and topped with boiled egg. For $9.50, it's a one-dish tasty and satisfying meal. This is a top-notch takeout menu candidate, as it would be just as good half an hour old and at room temperature! Highly recommended.


2009 Jun 2
If you are ever ordering vegetarian spring rolls, be sure to ask fror their home made plum sauce... it's what Wing's packets wished they tasted like! It's sweet, but not overly so, and a lot thicker... think applesauce... very good.

2010 Feb 19
I'm in love with #20 on the menu: BBQ lemongrass pork on spicy salad. #25 (just the salad) is equally enjoyable. Spicy with lots of peanuts, crunchy sprouts, cukes, shredded lettuce and carrots, and spiced up with chilis. Very yummy!