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For the purposes of full disclosure, I used to work on Saturdays at Casa Nicastro on Preston St.

I love food... I really do. I like to look at it. I like to make it... and I loveeee to play with it! It's a toss up between the Raptors and the basketball.

Grew up the youngest of four boys, so for me, meal times used to be a bit of a fight. I think I ended up on top though!

My mom taught me how to cook from a young age, and I've been blessed to have restauranteurs (Italian) as my godparents who also taught me how to cook.

When it comes to food, I tend to like the smaller, cheaper places. I like to find little holes in the wall here and there.

Travelled extensively in mainland Europe (France, Germany, Spain, Italy)... eating... and I guess checking out the spots and China and HK.

Favourite food? My next meal!

Always on the lookout for the next hidden gem.

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2009 Jul 22
i'm dying of laughter here at the "crispy" beef from Cathay. truely terrible. i should have warned you haha.

we stick to the real Canadian basics there - chicken fried rice, egg rolls, s/s chicken balls, and a noodle dish. that's it.

i'm not a huge fan of most of their meat dishes. did you General Tao have a pile of lettuce in the container?!

good luck on your quest. don't forget Somerset is only a ~15 minute drive away :P

2009 Jul 10
Thanx for backing me up on the hormones in water issue. I left more on the Beef issue. Cheers, a new friend?, Cher

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