Pizza at Domino's Pizza
Pizza at Domino's Pizza
Pizza at Domino's Pizza
Domino's Pizza
Domino's Pizza
Domino's Pizza
Pizza at Domino's Pizza
Pizza at Domino's Pizza
Pizza at Domino's Pizza
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2012 Dec 22
Just so you know, Domino's politics may not be something you want to support. They have been accused of being anti LGBT and have recently sued to keep contraception off employees benefit plans.

2012 Dec 19
Not a big difference in taste just the size. The Brookyln is a larger diameter more surface coverage.

2012 Dec 18
I think I know where I'm ordering my next pizza from!

Just curious: what's the diff between the two pepperonis?

2012 Dec 18
My faith in Ottawa take out pizza has been restored. What a nice pie. First off the toppings are where they shoud be on top of the cheese. We ordered online and picked up. The ordering system was easy letting us pick coupons that were available. Two three topping pizzas and a crazy bread taxes in $24 even. What can one say about a place that has two types of pepperoni narly dude. Everything on these pies you could taste no melding of flavors or wondering what you ordered. Toppings to the edge with even that crispy burnt cheese on the very edge where the crust meats the pan yummy! The crust itself was crispy on the bottom and edges with a fluffy interior reminisent of a Pizza Hut crust when they first opened yet without the grease. Olives were super tangy and the steak had a bold flavor tender with crispy bits from being exposed to the heat. An ample amount of cheese and a mild sauce nice. Forground is cheesy bread,let is pepperoni olives and mushrooms,righ is Brookyln pepperoni steak and olives. The commercials got it right on this one a tasty pie at a reasonable price. Now all I have to do is figure out how to order extra sauce online for the next of many pies.

2012 Dec 17
I also meant to post about this. We had a Pan Pizza and a Thin Crust pizza last Friday. The thin crust was interesting... almost like a thin flaky pie pastry, and it was cut in a grid instead of wedges. My wife didn't like it as much as I did.

The Pan Pizza was quite spectacular. Moist and yeasty with lots of flavour. Quite different from the Pizza Hut fried crust pan pizza -- more chewy, less crispy. A new favourite as far as nearby easy-order big box pizza joints go!

2012 Dec 17
Just the news I was looking for. Thanks Bacon I.V think I will try one out this week.

2012 Dec 17
Major thumbs up on their new Pan Pizza. This new crust makes the others seem like frozen supermarket issue. 3-topping medium for $8.99.

Pretty busy Hampton Park location Saturday night, but ready in 20 minutes. And delicious. Thick, fresh mushrooms, tasty pepperoni, and they're not shy to put extra sauce as requested (one of my major gripes about other pizza joints).

This pan dough is not too thin, not too thick, and the texture is great. Soft inside but not gummy, bread 'with eyes', almost baguette-like. Nice crust surface on the edges and under, browned, buttery but not greasy. Toppings to the edge as advertised. Perfectly cooked and decent cheese browning.

2012 Oct 21
We tried to contact them after they double charged us for a pizza more than a year ago and we never heard back from them. We've called the store, emailed Domino's headquarters and called head office and never heard anything.

So... yeah... good luck! But don't hold your breath waiting for that phone call.

2012 Oct 21
Last night, at 6:20 I ordered a pizza and some breadsticks from the Domino's in Barrhaven. When I placed my order online, it told me the pizza would be ready in 21-31 minutes. I didn't quite believe that because, its a Saturday night but I figured probably 40-45 minutes.

The driver showed up just shy of an hour after I ordered. Before I really had a chance to say anything he starts up with "Sorry we're late. We've had driver's go down and we're super busy." He hands me my breadsticks and a dipping sauce and then gets caught up with the fact that I paid with a credit card and he has the receipt in the car. He comes back with the receipt and hands it to me to sign and I have to ask him if he has my pizza. No, he doesn't. In fact, his words were 'They didn't give me that." He says he's going to call the store now to let them know that they need to make me a fresh pizza and by the time he gets back it'll be ready and he'll come right back.

30 minutes later, I still don't have a pizza. I call the store to see what's going on. Once I sort of explain my situation, he seems to know what I'm talking about and I can hear him yelling at someone else to find out when my pizza went out. He comes back onto the phone and tells me its already gone out and "just wait, like four or five more minutes." I told him that I wasn't happy with the service I've received and he repeats to me that its been a "hectic" night. I ask to speak to a supervisor and he tells me that there isn't one there. I ask him for what he does and he tells me he's a driver. I ask to speak to someone else who will listen to my complaint and he passes me over to a customer service representative. She tells me that the assistant manager has left and she's been trying to call the manager all night. She takes down my contact information and tells me that the manager will call me tomorrow. In the meantime I still don't have my pizza.

At 8:10 there is finally a knock on my door and the sam driver is back with my pizza and my bill for me to sign. I take the pizza and he hands me a coupon for $3.00 my next order saying "They didn't have your pizza ready when I got there so I grabbed this for you." I don't really say anything in response because I'm very frustrated and clearly the driver can tell. Then he says to me "Don't be mad at me. Its not my fault." I quickly signed the receipt and told him to go.

I'm waiting this morning for my followup call from the manager but I can't imagine anything he says will ever get me to use that $3 off coupon since I don't think I'll ever order from Domino's again. As for the food itself, by breadsticks and pizza were both cold.

2012 Jan 5
I railed on Domino's once before, but I think I hit the jackpot.

They have a permanent 3-topping deal, S$5.99 M$8.99 L$10.99.

I should mention this is the Hampton Park Plaza store, which is very consistent the last few months I've visited.

I usually go with pepperoni, mushrooms, extra cheese, extra sauce (no charge). They splash on the sauce, and I love it. The extra cheese is a must cause the 'normal' is not enough. It's always cooked perfectly, nice browning.

However, I always hated the crust, dry and cardboardy.

The other day, I decided to get deep dish which is only available for Medium, and a small extra charge I think, it came out to almost $12 taxes inc.

Delicious pie! Nicely seasoned, oiled crust, fluffy, light, tons of sweet, red sauce. This is my favourite pie in town.

The only other place in town with a comparable tasty sauce is House of Georgie, but their pizza sucks due to the bologna they put instead of proper pepperoni.

Domino's at Hampton Park Plaza is the real deal.

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2013 Apr 22
After drooling over the recent Domino Pizza pictures, I just had to try one myself.


- Slick online ordering. Discount coupons on their site and didn't have to get discount codes elsewhere. (note: the outlet closest to my home provided many more discount options)

- The pizza. Cooked as ordered, well done. Nice browning for full flavor. The pan pizza retained it's crispness with the help of a piece of corrugated cardboard . This allow the crust to breath and and sweat with steam. Nice touch.

- Toppings were plentiful and to the edge. I had the sausage and green pepper. OK. The sausage was a bit 'industrial' but tasty. Green olives were ... well ... green olives. Cheese was real and not some 'cheese product'. I'm not usually a fan of 'pan style', but I enjoyed the non-soggy crust on this one.

- Over all. I enjoyed it for what it is, chain pizza. But I must say, if they are second in the mass pizza market, in Ontario, next to Pizza Pizza, then they got to come to market with something better. And they did ! In spades ! Well above anything I had from Pizza Pizza, including any specialty pies.

- A good value at $9.99 + tax for 2 topping 12" (medium) pan pizza. This was the price with the coupon applied.


- The online ordering system will allow you to specify a configuration above the chosen coupon deal, without any warning. You will only find out at the check-out. (Clever for them).

- Sure the sauce is sweet , but nothing I couldn't put up with. And you can ask for a lite application.


I will go back to try a bacon and mushroom when the hankerin' hits for a quick and inexpensive chain pizza.

2013 Apr 20
close up - got ours well done and there was a nice crispy dark perimeter of crust

2013 Apr 20
took a cue from resident pizza guru Ken V and a few others on OF and decided to try out Domino's new-ish pan pizza. haven't had Domino's since my last review below (!) and it seems our 'za choices were hit/miss at the time.

i can only speak for the Hampton Park Plaza location, but i have to say this stuff is pretty good for a chain offering. so much so we've been back 2x since initially trying it. it's got a thick but crispy crust and just the right touch of greasiness. the cheese/sauce ratio is also spot on. if you are a fan of Pizza Hut's pan pizza (which jumped the shark longgggg ago - my nearest location, anyways) you'll really enjoy this.

sausage/cheese pizza pictured - those are nuggets of fennel laced gold!

2008 Jul 2
The thin crust was reminiscent of Pizza Hut thin crust, or 'Edge' pizza. It has an almost cracker like crust with slightly less sauce than a regular pie. I'd order this again over the regular crust style.

2008 Jul 2
Had some people over for Canada Day celebrations and decided to try out the new Domino's on Merivale. This was my first experience with the chain, save a slice of pepperoni I had once as a child on vacation (my foodie memory bank at work). We ordered 2 pies - one thin crust vegetarian, and one italian sausage/onion on regular crust.

Italian sausage/onion pictured on right - I liked the ample toppings and cornmeal crust. I wasn't fond of the tomato sauce. I know it's chain pizza but man was it ever fake tasting and really sweet.

2008 Jun 16
The reason I like dominoes is the amount and quality of toppings and soft but chewy cornmeal covered crust. Their deluxe pizza is a real winner.

The deluxe comes (in addition to regular combination toppings) with onions and sausage which has lots of fennel so it gives it a really nice flavor. Something I started doing at home when I make pizza.

The pepperoni is also crispy on the edges which is a really nice touch.

I've had the vegetarian pizza and cheese steak pizza there but it was kinda bland. The extravaganza pizza has to many toppings that you can't really taste what's going on. So always stick with Deluxe!

Best chain pizza in my opinion.

2008 Jun 7
Not sure if this needs to be somewhere else on the site cause it's from the new one on Merivale (in mall with blockbuster and swisschalet). Large walk-in special for the month 8.99 one topping. It is thin like a pizza pizza, but crust tastes much better, I watched him take a risen dough and they form it out on what looks like cornmeal on the counter. I've never had a domino's before and I think we'll get it from here a lot. The sauce is good, the pepperoni is a bit greasy, or it was the cheese, but it all comes together very well. I'm not sure I would order the thin/crispy crust from the menu, because the regular crust is thin enough...even for people like us who like thin crust. It's fast too, I guess cause so thin.

2007 Dec 6
There's something about Domino's Pizza that just strikes me as being delicious. I may even prefer it to Pizza Pizza!

Perhaps it's the crust, which is nice and crisp on the outside but still yielding on the inside; perhaps it's because it's, as What to Eat with What You Drink describes, "sweeter than normal" pizza. Perhaps it's because I got Italian sausage on both pizzas, and they make it heavy on the fennel and oregano.

What I know is that I was mad craving pizza last night, so my fiancée and I picked up two large for $22 (thanks Entertainment Guide coupon), and washed it down with a $7 bottle of Sangiovese. A match made in heaven.