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2010 Jul 22
Hey Monty,

I have a couple of questions regarding my blog and your chicken wings - can you e-mail me ( if you don't mind?



2010 May 6
re: Balut II

I just hope this hasn't ruined eggs for me :-S

2010 May 6
re: Balut

freaky! ;-) I think I'll pass

2010 May 2
re. Guu, ha! had a feeling you'd like. Wanna make a young-ish Japanese expat homesick -- ask if they miss izakayas?

The big debate gf and i have is whether Guu could succeed in Ottawa? She's skeptical and thinks it would need a (predominantly) Japanese staff to pull it off. My counter is well, there's a built in critical mass of at least two guys (self and some dude named "Monty") who'd probably show up once a week. Plus, i'd bring my parents if/when they visit Ottawa. The debate is yet to be settled. Your thoughts?

2009 Dec 23
Thanks for the recommendation Monty! I'll actually be in the GTA for the new years weekend so I'll definitely schedule it in :)

2009 Nov 11
well, at least you didn't send me to

2009 Jul 22
Napa cabbage... hahaha good call.

2009 Mar 10
Hi Monty,

Thanks for checking out my blog! Love reading your comments and thoughts on the restaurants and foods you have eaten, especially the pizza ones!

2008 Dec 6
And now you've got Modelo Especial, Jarritos and tortilla chips with salsa?! I think you and I probably buy stock in the same restaurants!

2008 Nov 7
Monty - your profile shot is looking a lot like In-n-Out to me. Love it! Animal style (that's how I roll too, my friend)!