Located in Bells Corners (next to Shoppers Drug Mart in the Metro/Loeb's stip mall).

The Butchery
Foods from The Butchery

2016 Mar 27
I don't know what these guys use for their sausage casings (collagen, maybe?), but they are delicate and not chewy at all like the ones I am used to at the big box stores. Really nice. They hold the sausage together for cooking, and then are pretty much gone by the time you eat them.

2015 May 30
The restaurant part is open. The menu is short - two steak dished, 2 chicken dishes and a smoked meat platter. I can't remember the prices but the smoked meat plater was $12. You can also order from Vera's.

2012 Jul 5
Another sausage roll. Excellent!

2012 May 13
My first stop in this Bells Corners food place saw me eat a smoked meat sandwich and take home a pork egg roll, a sausage roll and a Jamaican patty. The smoked meat was good mostly for the fresh bread which I think was Rideau Bakery's rye. The meat was your standard machine sliced stuff which I think is Levitt's. Pretty good but it had a slight sweetness that I could not put my finger on. The pork egg roll was the weakest of the bunch with a strange flavour that had to be overridden with a good dose of Siracha. Still ok but not great. The jamaican patty's filling was very tasty with some great allspice flavours. The shell was not your standard yellow flaky crust but tasted much better than it looked even after a quick trip on the carousel. The sausage roll was great! Tasty filling with a great texture and a good flaky pastry. I will go back and try other stuff based on my experience and definitely grab a sausage roll.

2010 Mar 22
I actually just had dinner compliments of The Butchery! I'm in love with their lemon dill chicken breast. Paired with the roast potatoes? Delicious.

I also picked up a small container of the apple turkey meat balls. Which I will probably enjoy tomorrow for dinner. I'm pretty excited about them haha.

The service has been great whenever I am in. The people that work there are helpful and speedy getting you through. I definitely recommend this place to my friends.

2010 Jan 18
They have moved down a few store fronts and now have a counter for buying burgers ($5.99) fries ($1.49) and sandwiches, etc. with a few chairs. Their famous Vera burgers. Will have to try soon.

Did buy some of their eggrolls (cold)~reheat at home), the man of the house loved them, the lady not so much. One was chicken, the other was pork. .97cents each. Will have to try their burger soon.

2009 Jul 25
Just been to the Butchery and it was heaving, but the service was still quick. It's a pretty big meat & deli staffed by a small army of butchers, some wearing headsets - it's a pretty tightly run ship!

Some of my favourite items :
The home made "Vera's Burger". They are huge and seasoned with amongst other things, parsley, onion & mustard seeds.
The home made sausages.
The Texas beef ribs. A massive rack for under $6.
Steaks (all the usual cuts). I've got a nice looking NY striploin for tonight :)


2013 Oct 12
Bags of beef bones are available from the self-serve upright freezer.