Foods from Chances R

2015 Apr 9
Met friends here for breakfast today and was pleasantly surprised by this place. The service was friendly and prompt and they didn't rush us out afterwards. All eggs were done perfectly to order, great tasting beans...not too sweet, good toast and French toast, bacon done as requested and decent coffee. Nice to have found another good option for breakfast.

2010 Jun 4
Went today with friend to Chance R around 5pm. I ordered Hot Meatball Sandwich with fries on the side. He ordered the half a rack of ribs with mashed potatoes. He was getting full near the end so offered me one of the ribs too, so got to taste that too.

The Meatball Sandwich was good but I think I like it more simple. i don't know how much more complexity was involved in the sauce compared to Subway lets say, but it may have been too much. I started getting a stomache ache after I came back. i don't know if the cheese really added to it either. I actually never have cheese with my meatballs when I order it from subway. So to me it was good but not sure I'd go just back for it. For me subway is as good.

The ribs were really soft, and the sauce was not too sweet(so that's good), but again, wasn't blown away.

The portions were great though, gotta say that, fill you right up no problem. i couldn't finish my fries. And service was great too. Really nice staff, from when you come in the door, to the

I'm not dissapointed though as I knew it was a family restaurant. That usually means you make a lot of different things to make people happy and when you do that chances are you do very few things really really well.

I might be back because the food def gets a passing grade and the environment and service are great.

2010 Apr 6
great breakfast!!!!.... will go back many more!

2007 Jun 19
salad special was very good. ribs very ok... too fatty and dessert was not bad... well at least I tried it.

it could be a really nice sports bar, but was filled with older folks the weeknight we were there.


2007 Sep 25
Great breakfast spot. Eggs cooked perfectly to order and home fries of the pan-fried variety. Price is above average at ~$6.50 but the quick and friendly service makes up for it.


2008 Oct 5
Chances R offers the Best Beef Dipper in Ottawa.