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Where to get Spaghetti


2011 Oct 4
FYI the tags on the peppers are edible, but that is no excuse for serving them. The peppers should have been washed and the tags removed just for aesthetics

2011 Oct 4
Had a horrible lunch today at there Barrhaven location.
Ordered the spaghetti bolognaise as I felt cold and wanted a nice hearty pasta.
My daughter chose the fettuccine with vegetables.
My pasta was a horrible bottled sauce tasting tomato sauce with a few tiny grey specks of meat!!
Daughters pasta was tasteless and the red pepper slices had the tags on them.
Obviously never removed them before slicing,
Made us wonder if they bothered to wash them first.
I asked the waitress if the kitchen had made a mistake and given me the wrong sauce.
Was told that it the right sauce they gave me.
I asked if I could get a meat ball to add to my pasta so I could have some protein.
Off she went to order the said meatball and came back asking for my plate as they wanted to add it to the sauce on my plate.
I opted to just get the meatball as there was really no sauce left (absorbed by the pasta at this time) this grey little ball arrived on a plate no sauce to cover it just a grey sorry meat ball.
At this stage we asked for the bill and left.
We will never return to this very sad location.