Noodles of any kind -- rice, wheat, etc. -- but not what tends to be called 'pasta'.

Noodles at Shanghai Wonton Noodle
Noodles at Shanghai Wonton Noodle
Noodles at Shanghai Wonton Noodle
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2009 Jun 24
I had the beef ramen noodle soup and I was so happy to finally get to taste this egg noodle because I have been looking for it ever since I saw that stupid movie "The Ramen Girl"! I know I have nothing to compare it to, but the noodles were thick and a little chewy, which I liked. The broth was flavorful and the beef was so tender. They also put sprouts in. The portion was perfect - not outrageously big but big enough to fill up this hungry lady. I think the soup cost $9.95 which is quite reasonable.

I asked the waitress if the noodles were made fresh there and she said that she thought they were packaged. But then she went to go ask the cook and he said the noodles were made on-site but then they were frozen. Either way, they were freaking excellent.

2006 Oct 28
Excellent Nabeyaki Udon here as well. Make sure you don't burn your tongue. It is very hot (temperature hot)!!!!

2006 Oct 28
Excellent soba here -- good flavour and texture, served in a broth with just the right amount of saltiness.

2007 Feb 18
Just went here for Dim Sum (around 2:30PM). We know that we were late for Dim Sum.

Many of the good Dim Sum items were gone for the day. But the har gau, Steamed rice noodle roll with shrimp, stuff bean curd and deep fried pork dumpling were still available.

We also ordered Fried Rice Noodle with Beef in Soya Sauce. I have tried this before and know that the chef did a good job for this dish. I recommend that you try this one next time. (I remember a Hong Kong chef story movie saying that a good chef must know how to cook Fried Rice Noodle well.)

We didn't order too many dishes. So, the bill came out pretty good price. $45 for 5 people.

2007 Jun 10
This is the Fried Noodle with Beef in Soya Sauce (#G10 in the menu, $7.25). Very good! Better than Rideau and Fortune Express in Kanata.

I normally order this dish to evaluate how good a chef is. A job well done! I recommend that you try this dish.

2017 Nov 12
Tofu Wuhan Noodle w Sesame Sauce ($5.95) is delicious and satisfying. I do not know of a better bang for your food buck than this!

Be sure to stir it well and add some of the chili oil that is present on each table.

2017 Jul 18
The Vegetable Noodle Soup ($7.95) is loaded with what looks like a combination of gai lan and choy sum. Lots of noodles and a nice beefy broth.

2017 Jul 18
Wuhan noodle with beef ($7.95) with a wee dollop of chili in oil. A wonderful and excellent lunch!

2009 Jul 27
Got the rice noodle wit beef in black bean sauce...worst idea I've ever had. One of the most disgusting meals I've ever had. I had to throw it out after three bites - what a waste of $9!

Plus, the delivery guy pulled one of those, "oh I don't have any change on me" which is not the first time this has happened with this restaurant. it pisses me off big time. Wont be ordering from here again.