Fried Noodle at iCook Pho You
Fried Noodle at Kanata Noodle House
Fried Noodle at Pho Mi 108
Fried Noodle at Pho Maxim
Fried Noodle at Ging Sing
Where to get Fried Noodle


2006 Nov 4
The "Fried Noodle with Mixed Vegetable" (menu item #160) was tasty and had a generous assortment of veggies. Our kids won't eat meat unless it's loaded with nitrates so they love this kind of dish.

2007 Jul 6
I already served some of this to my kids before taking a picture (a few pieces of broccoli, some mushrooms, and some noodle are missing).

These Vietnamese stir fries over fried noodles are always great. The stir-fry sauce makes the inner noodles soft while the outer ones stay crispy. Not the best version I've ever had but it was enjoyable nonetheless.

2008 Jan 6
These used to be my favourite menu item here but they were quite awful during our most recent visit. The fried noodles tasted like old grease, the sauce had a sort of a caustic burning background taste, and the chicken pieces tasted like manure. I hope it was a one-time problem but probably won't take my chances again.


2015 May 6
When we go to a Vietnamese restaurant my kids like to get the delicious Mi Xao stir fry on crispy egg noodle. This one was no exception and seemed to have even more generous vegetable content than most. $12.95 for a massive plate of tasty food!


2012 May 28
Tried the F9. Beef and vegetables with crispy egg noodle today. When Mi Xao is done well it makes for a delicious and satisfying meal. This one was the best I've had in a long time!

Plenty of tender beef, loads of vegetables, a nest of tender and crispy noodles, all sitting in a puddle of delicious gravy. Thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish!

The photo makes it look smaller than it was. Those broccoli spears are a little larger than normal.