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2010 Jul 8
According to the City of Ottawa restaurant inspections site, this restaurant was in compliance on their last visit on April 16, 2010 and the two before that.

Does anyone know if the restaurants are given warning of an inspection or is it a surprise visit?

2010 Jul 7
I will never, ever eat there again. When my husband and I walked in, the place smelled like dirty mop water. I ordered the rice paper wraps with grilled pork and meatballs, and the meat was actually rancid. I took a bite and stopped eating. Even the rice paper had a vinegary smell. This had never happened to me before, so, unsure of the protocol, my husband and I went to the cash to explain what happened. The owner came out and just said, "I'll talk to my guy." He didn't seem shocked or upset at all. They still made my husband pay for his pad thai, although he only ate a few bites.

A health inspector should check the place out. Not just "not great", but actually alarming.



2009 May 28
I explored the food at this place last night as I was shopping down Merivale- really good assortment of shoes at Winners right now BTW.

Decor looks like reminants of previous tennant. Not a mish mash of stuff like most asian restaurants but definately has an impersonal feel.

Staff were pleasant, although I did get only takeout. Seems to be your typical family run restaurant with two teenage brothers running the front of the house.

Food was a bit of a let down. My summer rolls were supposed to be a combination of shrimp and pork. I almost couldn't detect any pork but, after some minor dissection, I did find a scant amount. The rolls were flavourless although very fresh. They were served with a peanut sauce that was unusually sweet and almost of a jam-like consistancy. Peanut sauce at New Mee Fung blows this one away.

Spring rolls were well, spring rolls. Nothing to write home about.

I have a thing for calamari or squid so I will usually order it. This version was battered, like the pancake style, puffy batter that they use on chicken balls... definately a miss and so was the bizzare jam like plum sauce that was served with it.

The best dish of my order was Bun with grilled shrimp on sugar cane, meatballs and grilled pork. This was one of the better versions that I have had. Nicely garnished with chopped peanuts.

If out that way again and craving asian cuisine, I'd probably go to Sea King Sharkfin Restaurant for Chinese food.

2007 Sep 25
The the broth is somewhat lackluster compared to pho houses in Chinatown, and the price is a little steeper. Still - overall a good soup (I usually stick with beef ball)

2007 Jul 6
The seafood pho didn't have a very tasty broth and had proportionally too much noodle. Stick with the spicy ones!

2006 Sep 16
The satay soups are marked "spicy" and, unlike most pho places, they actually are. Tiny fragments of dried chili peppers float in your bowl. Most yummy.


2006 Sep 16
Too greasy and not much flavour other than the oil.

2007 Jul 6
Looks great but unfortunately doesn't have the excellent flavour you usually expect from this dish.

2007 Jul 6
I already served some of this to my kids before taking a picture (a few pieces of broccoli, some mushrooms, and some noodle are missing).

These Vietnamese stir fries over fried noodles are always great. The stir-fry sauce makes the inner noodles soft while the outer ones stay crispy. Not the best version I've ever had but it was enjoyable nonetheless.

2011 Apr 20
Last time I was at Pho Maxim I ordered their B Kho. After all, how many places actually offer it?

It was pretty good, although since it was my first B Kho ever I'm not sure if it was "the real deal."

The beef was cooked in a thick satay-style sauce as the base. Actually, the base sounded remarkably like that in the satay soup at Huong's, as described by FF here: Satay Soup

(I'd link directly to the comment, but the URL is parsed out in such a way that I can't seem to do it right. Oh well.)

Great depth of flavour, although not as much heat as I expected.