Satay Soup at Huong's Vietnamese Bistro
Satay Soup at Huong's Vietnamese Bistro
Satay Soup at Huong's Vietnamese Bistro
Satay Soup at Huong's Vietnamese Bistro
Satay Soup at Huong's Vietnamese Bistro
Satay Soup at Fuschian Vietnamese
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2014 Aug 29
I said it before and I'll say it again.

Spicy .. beefy ... slurpy ... goodness.

.... and I like their new location. Fresh, clean and full of mirrors !

Don't for get to rub Buddha's belly on the way out. It'll bring you wealth and good luck.

2013 Oct 6
mother of god! strongly echoing the recommendations on the satế soup at Huong's. this stuff is effin' incredible (yeah that's right). for the record the dish is listed under the Hủ Tiếu section of the menu.

as previously noted, it is stew-like in thickness/richness and very different than other Vietnamese satay-style soups in the city. it is spicy, but not overpoweringly so. the well rounded depth of flavour will knock your socks off and the consistency with the ground nuts and sesame seeds is really just sublime. think Vietnam's take on a hearty chili! that's the best way i can describe it.

very impressive and really just one of those gems you may not have found without the Ottawa Foodies community (i know everybody has a short list of these).

2013 Sep 27
Huong's Vietnamese Bistro has reopened in the former Honore Bakery location on Booth. It is newly renovated (not super fancy but new and clean) and a bit bigger than before. We had the Vietnamese pancake with rice paper (on recommendation by the server) dipped in fish sauce and wrapped with lettuce, bean sprouts, marinated carrots and cucumber. Yes, one of Ottawa's better appetizers for $8!!

Then hubs and I both had the Spicy Satay Beef rice noodle soup. Never had anything like this in any Vietnamese restaurant in Canada. Thick, saucy soup. Could have been a little spicier. The beef came out nicely against the satay soup with thin slices of onions. Yum!

Attached is a picture to show what us inside the soup! :)

2012 Dec 28
The Hu Tieu Sate is so flavourful here! This one didn't seem as spicy as usual, but that might be because it had cooled by the time we got to it. I already described it here when I first tried it so I won't repeat myself. Suffice it to say that my Vietnamese friend was impressed with it.

2012 Dec 17
Another bowl.

Spicy .. beefy ... slurpy ... goodness.

Great on a cold winter's day.

2011 Apr 20
The satay soup here is excellent, like nothing termed "satay" that I have had in the other Chinatown Pho joints...if you are looking for a variation on Pho, this is a great way to go, very filling, not too spicy and with great depth of flavour.

2009 Jun 9
Had the satay soup - was really, really tasty and very rich and filling. It was spicy (not overkill), loaded with chilis and maybe even some chili oil. As previously noted, the broth here is more stew-like, quite thick and thickened with finely ground roasted peanuts along with other ingredients. This had rice noodles in there along with some sliced onion, tomato, cilantro, and green onion. I had it mine with chicken (was sliced white chicken meat), was able to finish about 2/3's of a bowl after eating some spring rolls and I was done in. This is definitely Ottawa's best satay style soup that I've had - I'm glad I have leftovers for my lunch tomorrow!

2009 Jun 8
Our server assured me that the Satay Soup at Huong's is the real thing. He said only one other restaurant in Ottawa serves it, and some internet research indicates to me that this is a sought-after dish that is quite hard to come by in our corner of the world.

It is nothing like the (admittedly delicious) satay-style soups you find at most Pho restaurants. For starters, the broth is not a clearish chicken one but is instead a rich, slow-simmered beefy broth. It has been thickened with an assortment of ground nuts (cashews, almonds, peanuts, and sesame seeds if I remember correctly), onion, garlic, tomato, and chilis. It rates quite high on the spiciness scale and has an impressive depth of flavour. The nuts and chilis make it quite a rich dish, which may be best shared with someone else as part of a meal. There is a choice of chicken or beef in the soup; I opted for the beef and was pleased to find a generous number of thin (pho style) beef slices.

If you like Malaysian curries you will absolutely love this soup! Those with a good spice tolerance will delight at the savoury symphony that results when this soup dances the tango on your tongue.

2011 Oct 9
After Anne DesBrisay raved about the Satay Noodle Soup last month ( I knew what I was ordering here! However, after asking the server/owner for her opinion, I opted for the beef rather than the chicken.

This is a rich and delicious soup! Not quite as rich or spicy as the Satay Soup at Huong's Vietnamese Bistro, but I found the Fuschian Vietnamese version to be easier to enjoy. This is very peanutty and stocked with a generous amount of beef and noodles.


2012 Apr 13
Pho Van Van makes a nice satay soup, which is quite spicy. The satay soup comes with chicken and shrimp. Notable is that up until this last visit, the shrimp still had their tails on them. I coped with this, but I was super pleased to find the tails removed when I ate my lunch today.

This is really the perfect dish if you have a cold.