Handmade Noodles at La Noodle
Handmade Noodles at La Noodle
Handmade Noodles at La Noodle
Handmade Noodles at La Noodle
Handmade Noodles at La Noodle
Handmade Noodles at Rice Pea
Handmade Noodles at Rice Pea
Handmade Noodles at Rice Pea
Handmade Noodles at Rice Pea
Where to get Handmade Noodles

2012 Oct 27
Hot oil topped on handmade noodle is ultra traditional Xianese food and is a great introduction to hand pulled noodles. Very simple but addictive.


2014 Apr 18
The braised pork ribs noodle soup comes with the same amazing handmade noodles. The pork was fall off the bones and the broth was nice. Definitely recommend. The ribs reminded me of my mom's.

I did try the beef brisket version of this dish and prefer the pork ribs. They are sweater and actually more meaty.

2014 Apr 18
Here is a picture of the "Hot oil topped on handmade noodles". It is delicious. The waitress told us to mix it first and there was an oily sauce (mix of chili oil and soy sauce?) at the bottom. The red powder seems to be chili powder. Everyone really liked this dish! It tasted like dumpling dough.

2012 Nov 21
Here is a nice daytime photo of these delicious noodles. Soooo good!

2012 Oct 25
We opted for the Steamed Noodle in Chili Sauce from the "Chef's Specials" menu at the recommendation of our server (we were also considering the "Hot oil topped on handmade noodle" dish).

This dish is not hot in temperature! It's a little spicy, but not overwhelmingly so. If you like Thai noodle salads then you will love this dish! The succulent, wide, flat, tender-chewy noodles are swimming in a tasty chili oil concoction, and they sit between a base of bean sprouts and a garnish of julienned cucumber. This is an addictive food!!


2018 Oct 22
I hate you Warby.

*dumps salad in trash, goes in search of noodles*

2018 Oct 20
The noodles here are the best and chewiest available in Ottawa. Just had to refresh this category with my latest pic! :-)

2017 Aug 12
Figured it was time for some more noodle porn! During this visit, we overheard a customer loudly and angrily complaining to the server that this was the worst meal he's ever had and that the noodles were all chewy and stuck together. It sounded like he might have been expecting more of an Italian pasta experience... :(

These are not Italian noodles. They are lusciously chewy and carbelicious strands of boiled dough. They have about as much in common with Italian noodles as shaomai dumplings have with ravioli. Neither is really better or worse in any objective sense, they are just different. ❤️

2017 Feb 11
The large handmade noodles in soup with beef and pickled cabbage made for a wonderfully chewy and savoury lunch on a bitterly cold day!

I chose the second widest noodle (out of seven!) and found them a little tricky to pick up but a real treat once I was able to manoeuvre them into my oral cavity.

So awesome!

2016 Nov 12
Noodles ready for their bath..

2016 Nov 12
It is fun watching the guy hand stretch the noodles and he is really fast. Had trouble getting a decent action shot..

2016 Oct 21
I like the savory, sour, spicy flavor of the soup. The noodles are handmade and you can see the guy spinning and stretching them. It's hard work.

You have options for various thicknesses of noodles.

They just opened and were cash only when I went, and I'm not sure the girl added my bill correctly, but my total was under $20 with tip for a large soup.

Different than Pho. More savory and intense flavors.

New food options for Ottawa.