Bánh Ḿ at Cô Châm
Bánh Ḿ at ByWard Food To Go
Bánh Ḿ at Bánh Ḿ Girl
Bánh Ḿ at My Hang
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Bánh Ḿ at Que Huong
Bánh Ḿ at Que Huong
Bánh Ḿ
Bánh Ḿ at Cô Châm
Bánh Ḿ at T&T Supermarket
Bánh Ḿ at Cô Châm
Bánh Ḿ at Cô Châm
Where to get Bánh Ḿ

2013 Jul 24
OK, I needed to try Pho'licious. I wanted to do a direct compare to Co Cham - but they are closed for vacation. So I ran across the street to a new spot named Que Huong. My impression is for me that Co Cham still rules, Pho'licious was good, see details under their entry, and Que Huong was a distant 3rd.

2013 Jun 17
CC - more fillings, less meat but heavier ... very suspect. Mystery meat is denser than the pickled stuff ... more pate? Perhaps they had some horse in the mystery meat? I am suspicious of the science, perhaps you need to link to random blog to back up your findings? "banhmi.ottawa.throwdown"

I must investigate, my favorite place can't be loosing in this throw down. :)

2013 Jun 16
Had 2 Bánh Ḿ recently.

Co Cham vs. Pho'licious. Both combo subs on baguettes.

Co Cham
-no toasting of bread available
-denser baguette, almost gooey.
-richer with more mayo
-better pickled cabbage
-mystery meats ... but that's what Bánh Ḿ is.
-$2.25 (tax in)

-warm toasted baguette which was not too dense
-more fillings but same weight ... do to lighter bread
-less mystery in the meats
-Superior flavours

And the Winner is: (currently)

Pho'licious' Bánh Ḿ (and worth the extra $.75)


2018 Sep 19
On my most recent (3rd) visit, the Saigon Bánh Ḿ seems to have changed. The price has risen to $7 from $6 and the bun seems a bit longer than before, perhaps being the justification for the price increase. Unfortunately, this time it tasted like a submarine roll that had been crisped in an oven, rather than a delightfully crisp freshly baked Vietnamese baguette.

The guy who took my order never asked if I wanted it spicy or not so I was a bit surprised to receive my food with zero chili pepper content. Be warned! If you want spice ask for it.

This place has been open for just over a month with a limited menu (no vegetarian offerings yet) and they're already raising prices and struggling with consistency. I hope they can sort it out and make it work because those two earlier bánh ḿ were extraordinary!

2018 Aug 18
I visited this new place in the former Mellos Restaurant location during their soft opening this past week and was impressed! Because it was a soft opening there was just one menu option: Saigon Bánh Ḿ ($6+tax).

This was lovely in every way! It contained four identifiable meats: the requisite pâté, thinly sliced pork belly, Vietnamese ham, and roast pork. Good veg content: sprigs of cilantro plus marinated carrot, radish, and cucumber. The bread was not crusty but it was very fresh and the addition of mayonnaise made every bite a delight.

They asked if I wanted it spicy and of course I said yes. This resulted in the joyful addition of thinly sliced bird's eye chilis. Fantastic!

One of these is a very light lunch—convenient if you're thinking of having dessert somewhere. I haven't tried their bao yet but I think one of those plus a bánh ḿ would make a solid meal.

Promising first experience, can't wait to see how they do!


Mar 11
Ok, i think i need that in the mouth part of my head stat.

Mar 10
The classic "assorted meats" banh mi. 3$ and they take debit or visa with a 25 cent charge if the purchase is under $10 which is a small fee compared to the hassle of going to the bank to get cash in my books. Great sandwich and one of the best deals out there. Chinatown was dead today, didn't even have a problem finding street parking which is a rarity. Edit- forgot to add banh mis are only available for takeout. And get the Chili peppers, they aren’t too spicy and add a nice heat. I’ve tried some of the other options and like the assorted meats the best.

2017 Jul 12
When it comes to comfort food, this is still the place to go in Chinatown! Sure, funkier places are popping up left right and centre in this gentrifying neighbourhood, but this one has withstood the test of time. The eclectic juxtaposition of a banh mi takeout in the middle of a full service restaurant definitely makes this family run place unique. Get 6 subs to go on a hot summer day and you've got dinner for 2 and lunch for the next day covered.

2015 Dec 9
Practically an Ottawa institution after all these years, Co Cham still has the charms of a family run business and is still true to its roots as a take-out sub shop before becoming full fledged restaurant at its present location. The subs are still a good deal but make sure to get there early before the baguettes run out lest you have to settle for the softer hoagie bun. The best way to go is to stop in for lunch and order six subs to go while you are there. Leave the hoagies for the late comers after work!

2015 May 12
The Banh Mis are now $3 each. Still a pretty good deal for a yummy sandwich.

2013 May 18
Still the best after all these years. The owner still remembers my usual order: 6 subs, on baguette, hot pepper! Buy 5 and get 1 free may not sound like much, but at only $2.25 each, this is a supper deal. Try also the home made chicken bologna-like sausage tightly wrapped in banana leaf like a cigar and easy to eat on the go..

2012 Oct 27
Stopped by for takeout: 2 assorted Bánh Ḿ (don't forget to ask for fresh chilies!) at this tidy and clean little resto. At $2.25 a pop, these fresh and tasty sandwiches are a nice alternative to the usual fast food fare in this city.

2012 Apr 16

A friend of mine bought 5 banh mi` (Vietnamese Sub) from Co Cham, and went home ate one, and she go Diarrhea symptom and vomit. She had to drop by the hospital. She recalled the person that was coughing while making the subs. She throw away the rest of the subs.

***So be warn.

***Eat/buy with caution if you decide to eat/takeout from there.

2009 Sep 20
Hi Monty,

Just ask them for the peppers. You also have a choice of bun or French baguette. The baguette is my favorite.

I used to eat at this place when it was a couple of doors down, then it went away and the new owner said they sold it to him. This happened about 2 years ago. Apparently this is not true. They simply moved, and did not sell the store.

I'm glad I found this place again. The spicy subs are very good and so cheap ($2.50 per sub).

The desserts in the display case are quite good too.

2009 Jul 25
I decided to give Co Cham another shot this morning. Ah...banh mi breakfast. It was the lady making my sub this time, instead of the man I usually see there (the owner?). I got an assorted on a roll. The bread was fresh, and she certainly layed on enough pate and mayo. This was good. My only gripe - NO PEPPERS! Damn my pale white heritage! I guess she figured I couldn't handle it. I get no respect in Chinatown I tell ya...no respect.

Anyhow I'll definitely be back to checkout the sardine sub and the banh quai vac (empanadas) sometime.



2018 Jul 14
Tried the assorted and the chicken bánh ḿ. What a steal at $3.50! Great bread and, despite the picture, toppings were generous. Chicken was delicious and the hoisin was scant compared to other versions in town, which I appreciate. Only gripe is that there was no cucumber and minimal chili.

2010 Sep 20
Admittedly, I have very little knowledge of what these are supposed to taste like (as it was my 3rd ever) but WOW and yum! Just finished a "Special" sub from My Hang. My lips and mouth still slightly tingly from the peppers/sauce. I enjoyed the taste and different textures going on in there. The crunch of the cucumber, pickled carrot and radish, squish of the pate, different chews of the meat and the bread! I am wishing I had picked up a second one. *sigh*

2010 Apr 29
OK new development here. I popped in today on my China town extravaganza. They toasted - or at least warmed up the sub/meat before adding the condiments. The bread was outstanding (baguette), and warming it up only helped. For whatever reason the chili peppers were not very hot today - go figure. May Lan is good - but still #2 for me.

Note - the warmed/toasted sub was post May Lan with the new ownership. (I thought there was something different about the sign!)

2009 Apr 24
I am currently eating one of their assorted subs, and I've got to agree with Monty: their bread is really good. The meats are a good combination of sweet, salty, and savoury, and the chopped-up bird's-eye chillies pack a bit of a punch.

This and a cold beer is what summer's all about. Best three bucks you'll ever spend.

2008 Aug 18
I like the baguette here a little better than their competitors. IMO it's the bread that's the 'make or break' of bánh ḿ

2015 May 16
Decent Banh Mi from T&T. I went for the spicy option which had lots of meat/pate, pickled carrots and diakon, and diced chilies but was lacking in the cilantro department. Overall a great sandwich for $4.

2010 Jul 24
Picked one of these up while my wife was grabbing some sushi for lunch (see above review).

They aren't spectacular and more loaded with meat than with vegetables which oddly enough, which is a disappointment to me. Also, there are none that come with hot peppers, so I added my own jalapenos to the second I had for lunch.

However, they are more sizable than the 2 to 2.50 dollar ones you pick up elsewhere, but not as tasty.

Overall, not too bad, but nothing to really recommend over any other place.

Much like grabbing sushi at a grocery store, if you don't expect the best, it's a good way to kill the craving.

2011 May 6
OK I can confirm the market is still open doing its usual grocery business. The Banh Mi are made in the morning, wrapped and put in the fridge. Standard price of $2.25. The only offering available was a soft bun, assorted pork. When I say assorted - it was the roast pork lunch meat stuff (sorry for the crude description) and the pate. Cilantro, and picked veg also included. Overall - it was ok, but does not fill the void I'd hoped for. Because it was pre-made no option of hot peppers, and I could not taste any maggi or fish sauce. The toppings were ok, but not up to the quantity you'd get at Co Cham. It may do in a pinch - but if I was in the area I'd probably go to Shawarma Prince or Serious Cheese once it moves.


2014 Jun 5
They don't make Banh Mis anymore. :(

2013 Jul 24
Tried it today for the first time. The warm/toasted sub is indeed tasty, however I miss the coolness of the snappy pickled veg. The filling over all I thought were less than co cham. The meats were tasty, however the sub didn't pack the filling up power I was hoping for. Also for those grabbing and going in your car - the toasted bun got crumbs all over me while trying to eat and race back to the office. So I liked it, but would still lean to my untoasted favorite. I also really like the chew I get from a good baguette.



2014 Mar 10
My fav Bánh Ḿ is now the grilled pork one (item B1 on menu)from Que Hong.

The biggest and best in Ottawa .... by far !

Well satisfied for lunch .... only $3.50

Oh yes, the old lady with the painted-on eye brows IS pretty nice ! Gave my daughter and I a free mandarin orange.

2013 Aug 22
While I agree that the bread is not as good as those found in Toronto, I thought the banh mi was pretty good. Tons of meat, good mayo and pate.

I'd say the sandwich is definitely better than My Hang (my banh mi nemesis!) and I like it more than Pholicious but I won't push the subject so I'd say it's about the same.

As the sign says, they also have rice dishes and che. They had some com ruou which is always good (your opinion may vary).

One thing: the owner is HILARIOUS. I don't know if she does this in English too but she will tell you her life story and I don't know why. She's a nice lady but, I don't know, it's just too funny! She's the best.

Oh ya, I'm not sure who works when but the owner is a little slow with making sandwiches. Not that there has ever been a line up when I've popped in but I could see a wait happening if there were a few people in the store and she's the only person working there. But I guess that's the price for getting banh mi made fresh... and she's like an elder so what am I gonna say? D: D: D:

[Edit: Worth noting was I had the special sub and not the regular so I can't compare the two. Also, I misremembered the name of my banh mi nemesis. Co Cham is a fine restaurant.]

2013 Jul 24
.... and I was going to ask if any one has been here to try the Bánh Ḿ.

2013 Jul 24
New entry into the fast food Vietnamese restros. Tiny place run by two ladies. The one helping me didn't seem overly comfortable making up the banh mi. It was awkward watching here trying to assemble the sandwich. They have a regular and a Special (2.50/3.00). I had the special - which came with all the meat options, pickled carrots, cilantro, and hot peppers. While everything was very generous, the bread was not my favorite. I did get it toasted, but it was a roll, while I prefer baguette. Overall the flavours were not quite there. Maybe it was because I had just enjoyed the superior banh mi at Pho'licious.

2018 Nov 17
This bánh ḿ was $4 — almost half the price of the one I had elsewhere in the ByWard Market.

This cheaper version used boring European style ham but there was lots of flavourful paté, generous marinated carrot, and a really nice toasted bun.

For a higher price ($7) they also offer bánh ḿ made with grilled meats.

Can't wait to go back and try the phở!