Also called Bach Giai.
This is the Asian grocery store located beside Fortune Express.

Dried Squid at BestPrice Oriental Market
Peanuts at BestPrice Oriental Market
Foods from BestPrice Oriental Market

2011 Apr 21
I hope its just an expansion - otherwise I will have lost another go to grocer. There is another asian grocery store in the mall with the Wendy's on Carling, across from the lonestar that is also pretty good - reference here for now as I don't remember the name.

2011 Apr 21
The windows are papered up and a sign announces a new Bánh Mě offering here. I'm not sure if it's an expansion to the existing grocery business or a complete change of business. Either way, I'm excited!

2006 Nov 23
Yes, I was thrilled when they opened! It's great to have somewhere in the west end that sells things we could only get on Somerset before.

Thanks for the tip about "choy sum Thursdays." ;-) I'll have to pay another visit soon.

2006 Nov 23
This is "the" Chinese grocery store in Kanata. Ever since their opening, I have reduced my visits to 168 and Kowloon Market in Chinatown. Their vegetables are pretty good here. I myself found that their "choy sum" is the best (Thursday is the best). This store may not have the wide range of selection like 168 or Kowloon Market. But it meets my basic needs. Its existence in Kanata is very much appreciated during the winter time.

P.S. The owners (husband & wife) are very nice couple. They speak good English.

2008 Jun 22
Have you ever tried this type of peanuts? There are two kinds, red label and blue label. We like the red label. The bag indicates that it is "made in Vietnam". It used to be "made in Singapore" and tasted better when the peanuts were seasoned and roasted in Singapore. Anyhow, they are good with beer. Once the bag is opened, we won't stop eating them.

2009 Aug 29
These yummy, fishy, spicy, salty, sweet things are also available at BestPrice (at the same price as Manphong). Great to keep at your desk to satisfy cravings and scare off coworkers!

2011 May 6
OK I can confirm the market is still open doing its usual grocery business. The Banh Mi are made in the morning, wrapped and put in the fridge. Standard price of $2.25. The only offering available was a soft bun, assorted pork. When I say assorted - it was the roast pork lunch meat stuff (sorry for the crude description) and the pate. Cilantro, and picked veg also included. Overall - it was ok, but does not fill the void I'd hoped for. Because it was pre-made no option of hot peppers, and I could not taste any maggi or fish sauce. The toppings were ok, but not up to the quantity you'd get at Co Cham. It may do in a pinch - but if I was in the area I'd probably go to Shawarma Prince or Serious Cheese once it moves.

2012 Aug 3
Bought these dried squid to help make a delicious won ton noodle soup broth. Also bought frozen pork neck bones from the butcher counter at the back. Cheap and delicious!

2013 Oct 12
Well-priced bags of frozen pork neck and back bones are available by request at the butcher counter.