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Bao (Steamed Buns) at Bánh Mě Girl
Bao (Steamed Buns) at Bánh Mě Girl
Bánh Mě at Bánh Mě Girl
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2018 Sep 19
On my most recent (3rd) visit, the Saigon Bánh Mě seems to have changed. The price has risen to $7 from $6 and the bun seems a bit longer than before, perhaps being the justification for the price increase. Unfortunately, this time it tasted like a submarine roll that had been crisped in an oven, rather than a delightfully crisp freshly baked Vietnamese baguette.

The guy who took my order never asked if I wanted it spicy or not so I was a bit surprised to receive my food with zero chili pepper content. Be warned! If you want spice ask for it.

This place has been open for just over a month with a limited menu (no vegetarian offerings yet) and they're already raising prices and struggling with consistency. I hope they can sort it out and make it work because those two earlier bánh mě were extraordinary!

2018 Aug 18
I visited this new place in the former Mellos Restaurant location during their soft opening this past week and was impressed! Because it was a soft opening there was just one menu option: Saigon Bánh Mě ($6+tax).

This was lovely in every way! It contained four identifiable meats: the requisite pâté, thinly sliced pork belly, Vietnamese ham, and roast pork. Good veg content: sprigs of cilantro plus marinated carrot, radish, and cucumber. The bread was not crusty but it was very fresh and the addition of mayonnaise made every bite a delight.

They asked if I wanted it spicy and of course I said yes. This resulted in the joyful addition of thinly sliced bird's eye chilis. Fantastic!

One of these is a very light lunch—convenient if you're thinking of having dessert somewhere. I haven't tried their bao yet but I think one of those plus a bánh mě would make a solid meal.

Promising first experience, can't wait to see how they do!

2018 Sep 19
The Pork Belly Bao ($5) had a nice hunk of very juicy braised belly. Unfortunately, I forgot to ask for spicy and so there was nothing to offset the sweetness of the sauce. You would need at least three of these to have a meal.

2018 Aug 25
This was the special BBQ Duck Bao ($7). The regular pork belly and beef brisket bao are $5 so this premium price reflects the higher ingredient cost and customer appeal of duck.

The roast duck and garnishes were good! Sufficient meat, a hit of chilis, and not too sweet. However, the size of the thing seemed frugal to me and the bread part wasn't nearly as luxurious in thickness or texture as the bao I enjoyed from Gongfu Bao. Like I always say though, the price is only too high if the lineups disappear and they stop selling out each day!