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Enchiladas at Pancho Villa
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2007 May 29
The take-away version came with no salad!

I hadn't realised how much I liked their little salad offering. It's not just limp afterthought iceberg, but actual salad.

There were a few bits of avocado, peppers and tomato in the box, but...

Oh, never mind. I'm looking at their on-line menu now, and noting "Served with two of the following: beans, salad, rice." It came with plenty of rice and beans. I see it's the fault of my food-fetching friend.

Moral of the story: GET THE SALAD. I had not realised until FF's commentary below how critical it is to rounding out this particular plate.

And now I have to give them props for the 'few bits of avocado...'

2007 Mar 11
At kmennie's suggestion, I had the vegetarian enchiladas and was not disappointed. It was satisfying and delicious. The black beans were very heavy but the refreshing salad sort of "lubricated" the whole meal and allowed me to eat the entire mess of heavy food without regret.

Anyone who thinks that a meal without meat is unsatisfying should try this dish (with the bean option). ;-)

2006 Oct 31
The 'enchiladas vegetariana' satisfy my cravings for cheese enchiladas, without being nearly so fat-laden and boring as the usual kind. Recommended without reservation.



2007 Jun 8
I had the enchiladas with mole sauce and wifey had the "enchiladas verdes" (tomatillo sauce). I preferred hers... the sauce had better flavour and more spice. My mole sauce was more plentiful, however, which was useful for moisturizing the rather dry chicken meat in the enchiladas. Each of our plates contained three little rolled-up enchiladas, plus the obligatory tasty beans and boring rice.

2007 Jan 26
Folded rather than rolled, and just one on its lonesome -- for $15.

Azteca is pricy. Note $7.95 lunch specials on card at table, but -- pricy.

Verde sauce was quite good -- deemed 'spicy' on the menu, a very Canadian version thereof, but still not entirely wimpish. Cheese was quite good, and the whole thing was well-proportioned, if that follows; an enchilada with excess filling or insufficient sauce is a lot of unnecessary frustration.

Beans: yum. Rice: afterthought.



2012 Jan 23
The cheese enchiladas with refried black beans is to die for.

2007 Aug 13
And again!

Pancho special, I believe. I asked for verde, mole, and plain tomato-what-have-you enchilada sauces; it came out quite nicely. A very chocolate-y molé. Fresh salad, fresh beans and fresh rice, which beats the pants off the sides that've been showing up at the Lone Star lately.

Tacos (well received) in rear.

2007 May 3
I'm enjoying their cheese enchiladas more and more these days. Their quality seems a lot more consistent now, too.

Recommended. Highly recommended over Mexicali Rosa's.

2014 Dec 15
At the Place de Orleans mall, I've had the mexican platter a few times. You can get it with 2 Enchillada's or Tacos or combos of either.
It comes with rice, beans, your selection , enchillada sauce, sour cream etc.
its very tasty and has a lot of different flavors. Its fast food, but very mexican i find.
The location at the Gloucester center is not as good though as its very salty.