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Enchiladas at Azteca
Foods from Azteca

2009 Nov 11
RIP Azteca. I still think of you often and with fond memories.

2008 Nov 17
CLOSED ???? Wha ???

And I thought if you have overpriced food with a so-so service you could survive as a restaurant in the Byward Market. Oh Well.

Now that Oregano's is going to Gary Thompson with partners John Borsten and Dave Mangano who own the Empire Grill and Metropolitain Brasserie, maybe they can take the Azteca spot as well.

The big fish eat up the little fish.

And maybe that will cut down the amount of different delivery trucks making it through the busy market.

2008 Nov 16
It seems that Azteca is now closed.

2007 Oct 26
I've had mixed experiences with Azteca. Sometimes the food is inspired, other times I find small irrations with the dishes that put me off. It's not that anything is particularly bad, it's just that Mexican food is much more interesting.

Example: Arrachera. I've travelled in northern Mexico and eaten my fair share of arrachera, which is almost always served on a hot skillet, like we would serve fajitas. It's not meant to be a great cut of meat, but nicely tenderized and sizzling. At Azteca it just sat on a plate, atop tortillas (which doesn't make much sense with arrachera) and no sizzle. Plus the meat was a bit tough, which is shocking for such a thin cut of meat.

Great mole though, and the tampiquena is a nice experience too! I guess you should just make sure that you order well.

2007 Jun 7
We went with friends tonight and were mostly underwhelmed. The food wasn't bad but it was overpriced and there was a certain sloppiness to the experience. Pretty much every dish comes with the same molded frilly cake of tomato rice and a little puddle of black beans studded with three chips (see them in kmennie's enchilada photo).

My plate had a big smear on the rim, indicating that someone had "cleaned up" the presentation with a rag (common practice I know, but please don't leave a smear!!).

The Ottawa Express review once again misled me into thinking that this place was real fine dining, when in reality you wouldn't feel out of place in a pair of clean jeans. Service was friendly and reasonably efficient. Food was just okay -- nothing bad and nothing memorable.

2007 Feb 1
Queso Fresco...fresh near Westgate...

Name! Address! AHORA!

2007 Jan 28
What happened to this restaurant? One expensive renovation, that's what. Ever since the reno, the menu doubled in price and what is essentially very common Mexican cuisine that is quite cheap to prepare, is really way overpriced. I recommend buying the queso fresco, corn tortillas, black beans, tomatillos, fresh chiles, etc from the pupusa place near Westgate and making them yourselves. It's not hard. One positive note - the food is prepared correctly and tastes good... until you see the bill!

2007 Jan 26
Huevos Q-something-or-other at Azteca. $8. Didn't try it, but it didn't look bad.

Given the pile of nicer, not-too-light, not-too-greasy, Mexican breakfasts, this place struck me as ideal for the hung over...

2006 Nov 13

2006 Sep 22
Very charming, warm people and great authentic (I think!) Mexican food. The mole is tongue-tickling and I seem to remember an excellent cold soup. Vivid red walls and some yummy wines top the place off.





2007 Jun 8
I had the enchiladas with mole sauce and wifey had the "enchiladas verdes" (tomatillo sauce). I preferred hers... the sauce had better flavour and more spice. My mole sauce was more plentiful, however, which was useful for moisturizing the rather dry chicken meat in the enchiladas. Each of our plates contained three little rolled-up enchiladas, plus the obligatory tasty beans and boring rice.

2007 Jan 26
Folded rather than rolled, and just one on its lonesome -- for $15.

Azteca is pricy. Note $7.95 lunch specials on card at table, but -- pricy.

Verde sauce was quite good -- deemed 'spicy' on the menu, a very Canadian version thereof, but still not entirely wimpish. Cheese was quite good, and the whole thing was well-proportioned, if that follows; an enchilada with excess filling or insufficient sauce is a lot of unnecessary frustration.

Beans: yum. Rice: afterthought.