Where to get Mole




2007 Jul 19
Molé! Molé! Molé!

I can't get enough of their Molé!

I avoided this place for the longest time, because I (wronfully) assumed that every place on Elgin street is garbage... god was I ever wrong!

I eat/order here at least once a week. I can't speak for the authenticity (I'm not Mexican), but this Quebecer loves Pancho's version of this spicy cuisine.

Whatever you do, try the green hot sauce, it's absolutely fantastic!


2007 Oct 24
Tried the Mole Enchilada's (Chix and Beef) a while back. They were so good I still remember them. Tasted quite like the ones at Pancho Villa Pancho Villa. There is a connection with these two vendors... owned by brothers maybe ?