White Horse Restaurant
White Horse Restaurant
Bacon and Eggs Breakfast at White Horse Restaurant
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2019 Apr 27
Had the battered haddock and chips while I got my tires changed. Price was right at $9.75, fries were great but as a fish aficionado I’m 95% sure the “haddock” was actually Tilapia which is one of my least favourite fish to eat. Will definitely get the amazing breakfast special again next time I go.

2018 Apr 27
This place is definitely a throwback style diner. Food was great, and for $5.25 for what's shown in the photo there is nothing to complain about. Eggs were perfectly cooked, sausages were the classic deep fried greasy sausages and potatoes appeared to be boiled and then pan fried. Not greasy and allows you to adjust the salt and pepper levels based on your preference.

I hate waiting in lines and paying 20 dollars for breakfast. I love places like this.

2009 Jun 30
This is your no nonsense, Old reliable, go-to, clutch breakfast eatery when you just need your fix of eggs, meat and taters. Just stay away from the corned beef. The 3 egg all meat combo is the best bang for the buck ringing in at 6 bukaroos. I have had lunch there too and been very satisfied (fresh cut fries!).

2008 May 11
Had breakfast here Saturday with my sister and neice. The breakfast special looks like a good value, but that's not what we had.

My neice ordered pancakes and sausage. The pancakes were big and fluffy, and she said the sausages were very tasty.
Sis had the steak and egg breakfast. Warning: this does not come with a small strip of steak it comes with a big steak that arrived on it's own plate. My sister was happy with her breakfast, she especially liked that they offer rye toast.
I had eggs benedict. They give you the choice of meat to have with it, I chose back bacon. It was pretty good. The hollandaise was very lemony.
I have to say that I didn't enjoy the coffee at all, but the breakfasts were tasty and a very good value. That steak and eggs breakfast was $8.95. I grabbed one of their takeout menus on my way out, it lists everything including the breakfasts.


2007 Oct 15
Small 'hole in the wall' greasy spoon restaurant tucked away on Tremblay Rd, near the VIA Station.

Breakfast (all day?) is super cheap ringing in at ~$3.50 for your standard special (2 eggs, meat, potatoes, toast). Breakfast purists - they serve real potatoes fried in a cast-iron pan, not the deep fried variety. Other hearty choices include rib steak/eggs and corned beef hash.

For all you early birds out there - they open at 5AM!

* image taken from www.breakfastblogger.com