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2008 Apr 26
Ah well... Thanks for getting back. Are there any other folks on this forum who you could recommend to me? Folks who are super into online foodie forums, and who'd be game for being photographed for an Xpress Food article!

Please email me at if you can think of anyone.

Thanks again. And... Enjoy Regina!

2007 Nov 23
Is that you, Arloe?

2007 Oct 27
what about SAVEUR?

2007 May 14
Ive just looked up the Author, hes an american living in London. But like you said its not very well known, not over here anyway, always wanted a raft like Harveys, looks so cosy!

2007 May 14
yeah, thats the book, nan used to read it to me :)
My Miss found a battered copy recently from Ebay.

2007 May 11
Hey congrats on the new job! It's great having professional chefs on this site. There are a few of you here, and it would be fun to get you all in touch with each other.

Meanwhile, I'll be watching for your name on ChefDB! ;-)