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2011 Feb 18
Thanks for the kind words and welcome to the site!

2011 Feb 17
@ilikerealfoo - Yeah, the bag lunch is great. Their catering is off the hook too. They catered our office party and we had a plethora of delicious sandwiches, charcuterie, cheese and one of the founders there shucking fresh oysters.

Good to know about Bowwich. It's a shame when something new fails. I'm a little tired of all the shawarma in the city and it's nice to get something different.

Thanks for the welcome. Hopefully I can contribute something meaningful.


2011 Feb 17
The Whalesbone bag lunch is pretty awesome eh. Anything with the name "whalesbone' attached to it is ok in my books.

have you heard of Bowwich, the new organic sandwich shop on bank. It gets a big meh from me, and I won’t go back, nor will I bother to review it. I also ended up paying about 13 bucks for their sandwich, and it wasn't even close to the brown bag lunch.

Ps. welcome to the site - you have some very consistent reviews.


2011 Feb 17
Thanks Cait!

2011 Feb 15
Awesome posts so far - keep 'em coming :D