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2011 Jul 21
Where you been?

2010 Sep 21

About Smoke's: I think it is actually reasonable to assume that there will be some level of consistency. They are a chain, after all, and I just generally expect that when I order something that is to be served hot, that it will be that.


2010 Aug 3
Hey! Two Q's on your Joey's Only comments:

1. Do they really let you skip the fries with the AYCE deal? The mediocre fries are what's kept me away from Tuesdays there!

2. Since you mentioned it, do you know of anywhere specific that fries their fish and chips in lard or beef fat? I know plenty of places use shortening, but I'd actually go out of my way to try a place that uses lard. :-)


2010 Apr 16
Thanks!!!!! :)

2010 Apr 15
Welcome to the club! Hope you enjoy it.