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2011 Mar 7
And there was much rejoicing!

2011 Mar 4
There are no more Joey's in Ottawa anymore. Checked the website and Ottawa is not listed in Ontario location.

2010 Sep 4
I went to the Merivale location today and it looks like the landlord locked out Joeys due to non-payment of rent. So I drove to the Barrhaven location and it too was closed with cardboard covering the windows.

Just noticed that these two locations have been de-listed from website. Seems like some of the franchises were in financial trouble.

Only Kanata and Bank Street remain for now...


2010 Sep 2
The Merivale location has had the locks changed as of August 31. No more cheap Tuesdays at this location.

2010 Aug 3
The Haddock upgrade. Not bad with just a squeeze of lemon and it was tasty, not too greasy. Pardon my crappy iPhone pics....!

2010 Aug 3
Do NOT get the mushy peas at Joey's Only. They tasted awful. I've had better tasting mushy peas made of sweet peas or small spring peas elsewhere.

2010 Aug 3
A healthier option by ordering fish & chips without the unnecessary boring fries.

2010 Aug 3
We went to Joey's Only for their fish & chips. The fish was quite good and it seems that they use trans-fat free canola oil in comparison to other places that use beef fat, shortening or lard. The fries and coleslaw were standard and nothing special but what really could have made the meal special would be a much better tartare sauce. It tasted mildly horseradishy and too much mayo which ruined the fishes' taste. The fish tasted way better with just a squeeze of lemon on the light crispy batter. I can't complain for $8.99 AYCE tuesdays. The place was busy with a more elderly crowd as well as larger families with kids.

2009 Feb 26
Took the wife and kids to the Kanata Centrum Joeys as a last minute "while passing" meal. What followed I can only describe as thoroughly offputting and a bit scary.

- Food was almost entirely very badly cooked. I got hot fish with almost cold fries (clearly the fries had sat around a long time waiting for the fish).
My fish also came with breaded shrimp and they were just a little short of burnt on the outside and cold in the middle.

- Wife and kids had similar hot/warm/cold mixtures and unfortunately fatty breaded food is particularly unappetising when lukewarm/cold.

- Kids (2 + 6) munched on fries and were generally happy (as kids are anywhere with fries!).

- Food did take a while but I generally prefer that to food that "magically" appears a few minutes after you order (go microwave!).

- Atmosphere was non-existent. Someone had forgotten to put on the music - not something you always notice but generally I think most places have at least quiet background stuff and without it, the place was horribly silent and depressing.

- We saw at least one other table send back all the food they got.

- Staff did try their best but I think were too inexperienced and unsupervised to notice any of the issues going on.

- I am terrible at complaining (English - reserved!) so didn't say a word during the meal but mentioned it as we left and paid. The girl gave us 10% off and offered a voucher for next time. We're usually very polite but my wife couldn't help telling her there defintely won't be a next time.

In short I have serious doubts about the safety and quality of what comes out of the kitchen in this place. Considering the simplicity of operating a deep fat fryer to do so, it made me wonder just what was going on in that kitchen and if anyone was supervising.

Sorry to be so damning (in my first review!) - I find Ottawa Foodies so useful to find good places to eat but I also think it's useful to post warnings here when you have a bad experience and I have to say this is one of the worst eating experiences I have had since moving to Canada a couple of years ago.

(I will now go and add some positive stuff on places I've liked!).

2009 Feb 24
Took the kids to the Merivale location early on a Monday evening. The restaurant remained quite empty until we left at 6:30. Service was attentive and very pleasant. They have a decent fish tank and a beautiful marine mural on one wall.

The kids menu here is one of the best I've seen -- you choose any main, side, drink, and dessert from a generous selection (with pictures!):




2009 Feb 24
I find the battered pollock to be pretty good here for some reason. The rest of my "Joey's Combo" was not so great: fries are bland but overseasoned, clam strips were extra greasy, and the garlic bread was slightly better than what the Greek Souvlaki House gives you (not a compliment). You can choose any two sides so the fries and garlic bread were partly my fault. I'd suggest mashed potatoes and mixed veggies next time -- they might not be wonderful but how bad can they be? ;-) re: the garlic bread, I was hoping for mushy peas but that costs extra so the bread was a split-second decision.

Something worth noting is that the prices were lower in the restaurant than what is listed on their website. e.g. my Combo was $10.99 rather than the $12.99 on the web. The straight fish and chip dinners were lower by a buck or two too.

2008 Apr 4
Joey’s Only, Kanata
Was here just this week. $6.99 lunch special, coleslaw, seasoned fries, 2 pieces of pollock. You can switch up the fish for a couple of bucks more but by now we’ve tested several and find with deep fried it’s all about the oil & batter. No complaints here, pop refills free, coleslaw ok, they keep the oil hot and everything was crisp. The fries are frozen and seasoned but fine. We asked for extra lemon wedges and they brought us a little bowlful. Tartar sauce comes in a very handy squeeze bottle. Booths afford a little privacy. For the price and the place quite acceptable.

2007 Mar 18
See my comment under All-You-Can-East Fish and Chips

2006 Oct 6
I was very dissapointed with the fish and chip's at joey's. I'm from England, so I'm always on the lookout for fish and chips that are as good as they are at home. The fries were freezer fries, very generic. The fish was just ok.

2006 Sep 7
The fish is oily but tasty. The default is pollock but you can upgrade to haddock for a price. Extra points for frying in non-hydrogenated oil! All you can eat fish and chips on Tuesdays. Eep!

2007 Mar 18
Used to go here monthly about 5 years ago for the all-you-can-eat (AYCE) tuesday. The real Bluenosers with me would always trade-up for the non-AYCE haddock (but still AYCE fries) in place of the pollock that you get unlimited. The pollock was fine by me, and always very yummy. I'd always put back 4 or 5 pieces plus a few fries. Seemed like they had a fair bit of corn in their batter by the colour. Have not been in about 5 years though.

Very good fries as well.

Yes, all deep-fried food is greasy even when it doesn't seem to be. That's why I only went there monthly and not weekly ... moderation :-)