All-You-Can-Eat Fish and Chips at Joey's Urban
Where to get All-You-Can-Eat Fish and Chips

2007 Mar 18
Used to go here monthly about 5 years ago for the all-you-can-eat (AYCE) tuesday. The real Bluenosers with me would always trade-up for the non-AYCE haddock (but still AYCE fries) in place of the pollock that you get unlimited. The pollock was fine by me, and always very yummy. I'd always put back 4 or 5 pieces plus a few fries. Seemed like they had a fair bit of corn in their batter by the colour. Have not been in about 5 years though.

Very good fries as well.

Yes, all deep-fried food is greasy even when it doesn't seem to be. That's why I only went there monthly and not weekly ... moderation :-)

2011 Jun 28
Bargain-priced AYCE lunch at $8.99. Presumably only available on Tuesdays (that's when I went).

It's a dollar more than the two-piece lunch special. They start you off with three pieces, which was enough for me. Then they offer you more (we declined gratefully). Total beauty!

2016 Dec 14
They have eliminated their Tuesday AYCE fish and chips deal, replacing it with a superior option!

"$2 Tuesdays" offers the three staple components of a fish and chip meal for $2 each: fish, chips, bottomless soft drink. This offer is available all day on Tuesdays.

I think the AYCE option was $14. With the new approach, you could get 6 pieces of fish and an order of chips for that price -- much more than most people are able to eat.

This lunch plate of 3 fish and 1 chip was $8 + tax. Superb! Nothing makes me happier than when the price is almost as wonderful to swallow as the food. :-)

2015 Jul 9
Tuesday is AYCE fish and chips day.