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2011 Aug 7
I'm planning to be in the office tomorrow, but we moved one block down Dalhousie, on Clearance, just across from the municipal parking lot entrance.

2011 Aug 7
The basic procedure for setting the temperature is you just press the set key and it toggles between showing you the number of seconds it will be on each cycle (A then the number), or the set temperature. Pressing the up or down keys when in temperature mode allows you to set the temperature. Pressing the right or left arrows allows you to choose which decimal position to move up or down.

As for programming, hold down the set key until it enters the programming mode. Each press of the set key will move it down one option. Options are given in the manual:


As for tuning it, you need to take notes on how it's behaving then make adjustments to the P, I, and D terms to improve the behavior. I can help you with that as well. I've got mine holding to +/- 1/10th of a degree C now.

2011 Aug 7
Hi Yan,

Re: programming the controller.

No problem I can help you program it. How is it working now? Is it overshooting or undershooting? What is the wattage of your heater(s) and what type of container is the water in (plastic box, or picnic cooler)?

2011 Jul 27
What are you planning to make ala sous vide?

2011 Jul 20
Hi Yan,

If you need a hand to assemble your sous vide, give me a shout. I have some time on the weekends or Mondays.

2011 Jul 20
Hey Yan,

I was at the heart and crown between 5:30-and 7:30 also on the patio. So I bet we were there at the same time.

I didn't choose to go there, but it was alright. I'm sure we will cross foodie paths again.

2011 Jul 18
My desk number is 613-800-1988

My cell number is 819-209-8800

2011 Jul 18
Yes, between 1 and 2 is good.

My home email is francis.marie@videotron.ca

I'm at the corner of Dalhousie and York, above the Garlic Corner restaurant. The company is Climate-Check, Suite 204. My desk number is 163-800-1988,

I'll bring the PID, a J-Probe, and an SSR.

Sestos PID $40

J-Probe $12

25A SSR - $10

Do you need anything else?

I have the bang-bang temperature controllers ($30), and I have some voltage converters that convert 110v-220v to 12v ($5).

2011 Jul 16
I can meet you in the market and pay you cash... I normally take my lunch break between 1 and 2. Would that work for you?

2011 Jul 16
Sure I have a couple of new J probes. How does $12 each sound? You can email me the cash and I can mail the probes to you . . . or we can meet in the Byward Market sometime, where I work.