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2010 Aug 25
Can I rant here?
OK, here goes: I don't go to Moxie's for the same reason I avoid Hooters. It makes me feel awkward seeing all the 18-year-olds running around in skanky outfits. I know other places hire based on looks alone, but it's just TOO obvious there. I don't agree with it and I don't want to give them my money. It's too bad, because their food is actually quite good, amirite?

2010 Jul 14
To the choppa!

2010 May 5
re: Balut!

i eventually found some in Toronto and took the plunge, on a dare no less. you can find them at Filipino or Vietnamese markets. it's not quite as "mature" as the description would lead you to believe. like no bones or a fetus in it or anything (!). i understand now there are different varities of Balut, in varying degrees of maturity.

it honestly just tastes like a hardboiled egg with a weird flavour...gamey's hard to pinpoint.

not something i would seek out often, and i could barely eat any of it (took a bite, then tossed it)

2010 May 3
Yes they do! You can have homefries, salad, or homefries+salad :-) my bf got the homefries and they were pretty good, but I don't like potatoes so I'm not a great judge :-)

2010 Apr 8
I did make the shrimp rice noodles! It was delicious! I took pictures, will post them. Thanks for reminding me!

2010 Mar 25
That's a mighty dangerous looking carving knife you've got there! Did you get a paper-cut?

I have to agree with most/all of your favorites on your list...

Bonne apetite!

2010 Mar 25
GREAT tips...I'm going to have to check those out.

2010 Mar 22
I agree with you about the rice noodle w/pork (white tubeys) at Yang Sheng. SO GOOD!
It's my favourite dim sum item there.