Bacon Cheeseburger at Ballygiblin's
Pulled Pork at Ballygiblin's
Wild Boar at Ballygiblin's
Foods from Ballygiblin's

2015 Jan 30
This is a nice spot for CP and they are trying hard -- ingredients are fresh, and the menu is, for the Valley, very good.

The fried zucchini is nicely done and the house salad is just far off the path of house salads enough to stand out. Bonus points for the artichoke hearts. A burger was favourably reviewed.

One caveat: if you have had Indian food at an Indian restaurant, and have that idea in your head, skip the curry dishes here. There was nothing wrong with what I had here, which had a homey home-made sort of feel and taste, but it was not a thing one would eat in any Indian restaurant.

Service has always been a bit rushed and erratic. Sit in the front, receive apologies for the big crowd in the pub at the back, see your server sporadically... It is pleasant and friendly and professional service under what looks to be challenging circumstances, but it is never a place to eat if you are in even a slight rush.

2010 Nov 23
Finally made it to this Carleton Place eatery with a couple of friends last weekend, and I was glad to discover a new go-to place in my neck of the woods for a casual dinner! I've lived in rural parts of the country long enough to know that the foodie standards in the country are not quite as high. (Although the prices somehow manage to be?) But forget all that - Ballygiblin's bucks the trend! The food is local when possible, fairly inventive, reasonably priced and served by a pleasant and energetic team. It was also pretty delicious! In Carleton Place? Who knew?? So if you feel like a drive to the country, I would recommend checking this place out. I will definitely be back. (More specific food reviews below.)


2010 Nov 23
Wild Boar was one of the specials the night we visited. It wasn't my main, but I did finagle a bite, and it was awesome! Very lean and rare, almost like a good steak. Served with wild mushroom remoulade - yum.


2010 Nov 23
I got the Pulled Pork Sandwich with house salad as my main, and since I was busy chatting and drinking a delicious Caesar, I didn't read the menu that carefully apparently, because I was surprised when the sandwich came rolled and deep-friend like a chimichanga, with the homemade blueberry barbecue sauce on the side. It was a pleasant surprise though, since it turned out to be delicious! The pork on its own may have been a little dry, but with the punchy barbecue sauce it was just right. OK, not the healthiest meal, but the house salad (with chickpeas and an Asian-inspired dressing) was enough antioxidants to counter the sandwich. Worth it!


2010 Nov 23
This was the FH's main - he will try a burger anyplace we go. He tells me this one was exceptional! I had some of his fries, which were also good.