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Canadian manufacturer of quality fresh sausages and retailer. New store at 129, blvd. St-Joseph in Hull.

Foods from William J. Walter

2015 Apr 3
I have been buying sausages here for a few years now. They make a top quality product and our favourite is the William Suisse. We stopped by today to pick some up along with some jalapeño cheese sausage, hot chorizo, and merguez. I am not a beer drinker but I know a number of you on this forum are, so I thought this tidbit might interest you. They carry150 different kinds of beer all from micro breweries in Quebec. They also carry one from Ontario - Beaus. They also have some interesting wines.

2010 Nov 16
On top of the huge selection of fresh sausages, you can order sandwiches.

I had one here a few months ago. The bread was great (some kind of fresh, crusty ciabatta type bread). I had a choice of white or multi grain. I had the William Suisse sausage on multi grain with Dijon mustard and pickles.

It took a while to get the sandwich, but they cook/warm up everything right then and there so it's fresh. The sausage wasn't warm enough (though cooked, I'm not worried). Overall very tasty, but the emmenthal cheese in the sausage made the whole experience greasier than I like.

My friend had the lime and cilantro for dinner once and said it was the best sausage of her life, lol.

Next time I'll choose something different and ask them to make sure the meat is warm.

2010 Jan 10
Yesterday, I got the following flavours of sausages:
lime and coriander; mango and goat cheese, olive and feta; and veal, truffles and porto.

Lime and coriander was my definite favorite; the veal sausage was not too much my taste.

William J. Walter's products tastes so much better than what you can find in the grocery store, and it is definitely fresher than most products.

I first tried William J. Walter sausages when I was living close to Marché Jean-Talon in Montreal; there was a store there. I am glad they decided to open a store here!