Horchata at La Cabaņa
Horchata at Ahora
Where to get Horchata


2007 Mar 11
Always keen to try something new, I opted for this beverage with my meal. It was quite good, consisting of milk, sugar, cinnamon, and a kind of milled rice whisked in a blender.

I had to chuckle when I watched the server tear open two paper packets of sugar and dump them into the blender. It's almost like camping! ;-)


2009 Feb 11
Not only can you get horchata in the restaurant, you can also buy the horchata powder in the atttached grocery store.

The pic is a scan of the package I picked up tonite. It's from El Salvador and contains alata seed, rice, sugar, sesame seed, cocoa, peanuts, cinnamon, cilantro and vanilla.

The directions say to mix with water or milk, adjust sugar to taste, then add ice.

I also picked up some South American (hot) chocolate tablets to celebrate Waterlude (I mean Winterlude). See the entry here :---> www.ottawafoodies.com <---

2008 Jan 6
I thought the horchata was significantly better than Ahora's. More nutty/tasty, larger, and I think it was cheaper too.