Five Guys Burgers and Fries
Five Guys Burgers and Fries
Double Cheeseburger at Five Guys Burgers and Fries
Five Guys Burgers and Fries
Five Guys Burgers and Fries
Five Guys Burgers and Fries
Five Guys Burgers and Fries
Hamburgers at Five Guys Burgers and Fries
Five Guys Burgers and Fries
Five Guys Burgers and Fries
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2011 Sep 16
I found the processed cheese the dominant flavor note in the Five Guys burger - the burger patty itself tasted pretty good and clean, but the fake McD's cheese taste ruined it for me. FH and I have tried this place once and probably won't be back, since I don't guess they plan to change their recipe, being a franchise and all. Oh Five Guys, I wanted to like you...

I will say this - in defense of the fries - I loved them! We soaked them in vinegar and they were just like the big and dark chips I grew up on in Northwestern Ontario! So maybe I'll go back for the chips and a no-cheese burger. Maybe! If I need to go to Lowe's for something. :)

2011 Sep 14
I've heard quite a few people complain about the price of the food here. But the reality is that these are big double burgers. A fully loaded bacon double cheeseburger can't be had for much less than $6 anywhere, so charging $8 for an especially juicy one doesn't seem like a big stretch. And don't try to compare it to a $5 Wendy's Baconator, because that isn't even in the same league.

As for the fries, these are chip wagon portions. The Regular and Large sizes compare favourably to chip wagon Medium and Large. The price is pretty similar too.

So yes, the prices are a little higher than other comparable places. Maybe 25% higher. Definitely not 100% higher! What they should do is offer Meal Combos at a 20% discount.

2011 Sep 14
Went here today for the first time. I was there a little early, maybe about 11:45 so there was very few people there. I ordered a large Bacon Cheeseburger, fries (w/cjun seasoning), and a pop. My bill was $14.99!! I kind of find that outrageous for burger, fries and pop but was expecting something very special.

I was given a number and went to wait at the order pick up counter. I haven't seen the team work with a rush, but I wasn't very impressed with the efficiency while it was still slow in the restaurant. Staff was kind of slow, ackward I counted 12 of them. Anyways, it took much longer to get my burger than I was expecting since there was hardly anyone there.

The burger: I ordered Tomato lettuce and mayo. wrapped in aluminum foil, processed cheese, tasty patties, about 3x too much mayo (was a challenge to keep the lettuce and tomato from slipping out cause of the excess mayo). The bacon was on the bottom of the meat and was way over cooked (crumbly, not chewy/crispy). The bacon ended up tasting like bacon bits sprinkled on the bottom of the burger. The memory left with me of the burger was a sloppy mess of processed cheese and mayo.

The fries: under cooked. If you held a fry by one end and positioned it horizontally, it would droop under it's own weight. Seasoning was unbearably salty. I could visually see some red in the seasoning mix so I guess there was "cajuny" spices in there but what I tasted was 90% salt, 10% cajun.

Atmosphere: Smartly designed interior, very clean and inviting.

Overall experience: Will not return nor will I recommend it. Incredibly overpriced for what they serve, Incredibly isnt strong enough, outrageously overpriced.

I am very confused why this place is so busy. The typical story of people flocking to something that is well marketed I suppose. Fresh patties and real cut potatoes at least, but I get that prepared much better at most chip trucks for half the price.

2011 Sep 9
Wanted to let this place calm down before visiting so tonight was our first visit to a Canadian version of Five Guys. This place was super busy at 6:00pm with a line out the door. The flattop was filled with burgers as we ordered. Bacon cheeseburger for me and a little cheeseburger for my wife. We split a large fry and a drink. We were 10 orders back so the peanut munching started. After about 15 minutes our number was shouted out and our order was ready. I was a bit sad to see that being so busy not much care was given to constructing my burger but hey it is all going to the same place so no biggy. I did notice that the burgers are smaller and much thinner than the Five Guys we visited in Tennessee. Same taste as the U.S version that is one positive. Roughly the same amount of fries. No unsweetened iced tea :( The fries were also undercooked:( Was it because they are so busy or are the same practices not adhered to as in the states not sure. Why is it that this seems to happen with so much that comes up to Canada from the U.S? Guess we should start an inquiry. Oh wait the government is doing that now.

2011 Aug 18
Ate here the day after it opened and the experience was beyond words. Place was packed, but the 20 minute wait was no problem with the free peanuts great touch. As it was our first time ever eating here, we all splurged and got the same thing: Bacon Cheeseburger with a LARGE fry and a LARGE drink....definitely not a good idea. The large drink was cool because we kept the cup but this place gives free refills so I would never do that again obviously. The large fry was next level filling, One large could easily feed 2-3 people.

Honestly the best burger I've ever eaten, the toppings were so fresh (got jalapenos, pickles, lettuce, tomatoes, and onion) and the patties were homemade deliciousness. Fries were pretty good, nothing special but very good for a fast casual place.

Definitely coming here again, and I can't wait for the other 3 locations arriving within the next 3 months around Ottawa.

2011 Aug 16
I checked them out tonight to see how they stacked up against my US experiences with them... the burger was a solid reproduction. I love burgers cooked on a flat-top! The fries, however, did not stack up! I'm used to some crispy ones in the bag, but these were barely cooked through and not even close to being seasoned enough relative to the ones I've had in the USA. Service was quick and friendly. Very clean. I might not be back just due to the location of it, I live a LOT closer to Hintonburger... this is almost all the way out in Stittsville!

2011 Aug 16
Visited the Hazeldean location with coworkers today. Order handling is efficient, with a single line and two cashiers. The complimentary peanuts are the salted-in-the-shell kind and make the less than 10 minute wait for your food a painless experience.

I'll describe the burger under that food item. The fries (Large shown here) are generous, although no more so than what you'd find at a chip wagon. We shared this order between four people -- we were filling ourselves with burgs. The fries are standard hand-cut. Good enough, but I'd rather have them somewhere else.

Here's how I see the portions working out:

* Little Burger (1 patty) no Fries - light eaters or hungry kids
* Little Burger with Regular Fries - hungry adults
* Burger (2 patties) no Fries - hungry adults
* Burger with Regular Fries - construction workers and teens
* Burger with Large Fries - just don't!

2011 Aug 16
Went last night and the burgers compared well to the Chicago location. Love the peanuts, and it's great to have such a wide range of toppings - sauteed onions and mushrooms! The one miss was that the cheese was not melted, and that is a big turnoff for me. Fries were not my favorite. I like a crispier french fry experience.

Five guys burgers are on my list of favorites along with Baja burger and Hintonburger, But the smoked BGE burgers on Saturday at Art-is-in are tops for me. We are very lucky to have so many great burger options in Ottawa now.

2011 Aug 14
The burgers are pretty stellar. Juicy patties with a nice crust (not char; Maillard), loads of toppings including fried mushrooms and onions, lots of gloopy American cheese. While I ordered the regular cheeseburger, which comes standard as a double, next time I'll likely do the 'Little' version.

The fries were excellent as well, balanced between soft and crispy like a good chip truck fry. The problem here was the sheer QUANTITY of fries. Between my friend and I we had a cheeseburger, a grilled cheese, and two regular fries, and the fries amounted to maybe a third of a grocery bag -- there were maybe two pounds left , without exaggeration, by the time we were full. Next time we'll likely share one regular.

Looking forward to the opening of the Trainyards location so I don't have to venture quite so far into suburban fringe.

2011 Aug 12
It's here! The Kanata location opened today and the better half was one of the first in line to try it out. He had a bacon cheese burger ($7.99) and a Regular fries ($3.29). You pick your toppings when you order. There was a sizeable line but it moved quickly. While he said the burger was quite well done, it was tasty and he'd return. No comparison to a frozen fast food burger you'd find elsewhere, yet still quite different than The Works.

Note: Those with peanut allergies should stay far far away... the fries are cooked in peanut oil and there are free in-shell peanuts all over the restaurant.

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2011 Sep 21
went today to see what all the talk was about.....just ordered the burger so can't comment on the fries.....

took the burger home and opened it up....surprised at two patties, didn't realize when i ordered it....i liked the bun, and the mushrooms and onions however the patties i didn't care for....i was pretty shocked they weren't being cooked on a grill (open flame) - i found it really greasy, like mcdonald's but worse and the patties didn't have seasoning.

i think there are alot better burgers (the butchery, hintonburger, baja burger to name a few), maybe my expectations were too high but i can't shake the grease thing.

i love my burgers crisped on the outside and med rare on the inside and i just don't find you can do that without the open flame.

2011 Aug 16
This is a super juicy burger with quite a bit of flavour. In comparison to the Ottawa food scene, it reminded me most of the Baja Burger Shack product, albeit with way more toppings. The patties were similar -- soft and almost falling apart.

I opted for the full-size (two patty) burger with bacon. I consider cheese to be something that improves a bad burger but does nothing for a good one, and I was giving Five Guys the benefit of the doubt on my first visit. ;-) This thing was as tall as it was wide and I struggled to get my mouth around it. It was sitting in a puddle of juices, meaning eating it was a bit of a chore. Personally, I'd rather throw this thing on a plate and attack it with knife and fork! Definitely not something you can eat in your car, and arguably not even something that should be eaten in public. Hahaha!

Coincidentally, the subset of toppings I had pre-selected based on the online menu exactly matched those included in the "Everything" or "All the Way" options: Mayo, Lettuce, Pickles, Tomatoes, Grilled Onions, Grilled Mushrooms, Ketchup, and Mustard. There are other toppings, but these ones work a fair bit of magic together.

This is a good, juicy burger. It's in the same league as Ottawa's champions: Hintonburger, Vera's Burger Shack, and Baja Burger Shack. I'm tempted to place it second after Hintonburger, but should probably try both products again before making that claim. ASAP! ;-)





2012 Feb 2
I want to love 5 Guys burgers and fries. But I'm not 100% there yet.

The burgers are descent and have a bit of char on the outside, the toppings are great and the fires are just like chip truck fries, but probably could use a bit more time in the fryer as they tend to be a bot too potato-y and thick on the inside. Also the fries are expensive ($3.29), but they do give you extra in the bag.

The cheese on the other hand, sucks!

Don't order anything with the cheese. It's bland and processed and although I'm not the biggest fan of Harvey's their cheddar slices are a mile ahead compared to 5 guys. Another problem is they put the cheese on right after it leaves the grill, so it's only partially melted. Mine was cold and firm on the edges and it really detracted from the whole thing. So stick to the regular burger.

Fries -3



2011 Nov 20
Ours were great -- entire family loved them. Sort of a cross between New York Fries fries, and chip wagon fries. If those are your sorts of fries, you will enjoy Five Guys'.