Rochester Pub
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2013 Jan 26
Andy: A colleague told me that all of their stuff is made in-house. As a result, the food seems real like the atmosphere is real.

2013 Jan 25
hff it's good to hear that their beer has improved since the 70's, as has their food (more than the chips, pickled eggs & wieners available back then) and that their atmosphere remains real.

2013 Jan 25
The Rochester has been adding new beer taps to their line-up and will soon have Beyond the Pale coming in. They have a great selection of the Ottawa line-up (no MillStreet on BigRig on tap).

The last Thursday of the month is Cask night and I think the owner said it will be a Broadhead Cask for next week.

Their menu has expanded, so more offering, but we really just go for the snacks & beer. Every night during the week has a discount of 25% off (either burgers, wraps or appetizers).

It is a gritty, unpretentious, local pub with great beer and ok food.

2011 May 31
Went again last night. Here is a pic of the best fried zucchini it has ever been my pleasure to eat. Wish I could say the same for the veal burger. I ate half of it, even though it tasted "funny" and my SO tasted, and immediately shrieked that it was spoiled. So much for my sensitive palate. Beef burger with chopped salad on the side was very tasty and a much better choice.

2011 Feb 3
worth going just for the beer battered zucchini with fresh raita alone.

2009 Aug 13
I don't know what to say here that hasn't been said before - the beer selection is pretty good, the price for a pitcher hovers around $15, the menu items are reasonably priced (most around $10). The zucchini sticks w/ tzaziki were tasty, and from scratch which is rare these days. The hamburgers are real, handformed patties, thumbs up all around from my group, and the daily specials were pretty good as well. The french fries were fresh, not from a bag. The salad was just a standard side salad, nothing phenomenal. There are usually a few vegetarian options on the menu or the daily specials that are really appetizing (cajun spice dusted portobello burger, veg burger). I think they have daily specials on regular menu items. The atmosphere is "standard pub", with a TV on at the bar. It seemed to attract a few neighbourhood regulars and some ultimate frisbee & slo-pitch superathletes. Be forewarned, I do not think there's A/C at this establishment. Regardless, if I lived in the area, I would probably be a regular!

2009 Jul 16
there is always a special on mon - fri of 25% off something (burgers or wraps, beer & nachos, appetizers (on fridays))

the food is standard pub fare with interesting nightly specials - think simple, comfort food type meals. patrons are a mix of ecletic regulars and government workers.

as previous poster said, it is a very unpretentious spot. decor hasn't changed in years. if you like the beer offered, it is a good place to go for a pitcher with friends to sit around and talk. i like the appetizers (pierogies or veggie tempura with spicy dipping sauce), or i get a wrap and my husband gets the special.

fish and chips come in two sizes.

decent bread pudding for dessert.

2006 Oct 16
Good pub atmosphere (not pretentious at all), reasonable prices, decent food (pretty standard pub fare), and a great beer menu.


2009 Jul 16
two new taps were added recently.

waupoos cider from county cider in picton, ontario
Made from late harvest and European cider apples, Waupoos Premium Cider is semi-sweet and sparkling. Perfectly balanced, it offers a lively body, full fruity flavours and refreshing finish

corporal punishment from scotch irish brewing company in fitzroy harbour.
Our bitter brown ale is our most complex beer to date. This ale is wonderfully bitter and incredibly malty. This nicely hoppy brew is a rich mahogany in colour. This ale blends flavours of fresh bitter coffee, dry caramel, nuttiness, light dry chocolate with woody hop and citrus notes.

rochester also carries stuart's by scotch irish, creemore, mcauslan...

2006 Oct 15
Surprisingly good selection of beer here: among others, Steam Whistle, Creemore, McAuslan (Griffon extra pale and red ales, plus the oatmeal stout). Reasonably priced, too (before tax, under $5 for a pint, $14ish for a pitcher, even of the good stuff).