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2011 Jan 12
Sorry to ruin your spurtle! LOL

2010 Apr 11

Thanks for suggesting I post my Petit Bill's Bistro review on here.

I joined this forum about a year ago but didn't use it often. Thanks for the 'kick in the butt' to get me using it. I needed it - it's really a great resource.

Thanks for reading my blog.


2009 Dec 10
Thanks for the kind words on my Black Cat review! It's always nice to hear when people like what I've written. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did when you go!

2009 Oct 29
I'm glad someone enjoy's Huong's as much as I do! I love it there! The owners are pretty serious about their food and are always helpful/willing to give advice when I'm there. I love the place!

2009 Jul 31
Poutine ~ Great & constructive (yahoo!) write-up on Brasseurs du Temps. Many thanks. I really want them to do well because I think they went through a whopper-doodle struggle to open.

I've been wanting to try it since I first noticed they were open but I'm always in my bike gear...your review just pushed me to go.
Thanks again and happy eating, A

2009 Jul 29
Haha, I didn't want to add to the drama there, as I predicted a full stream of comments ensued. Just wanted to agree with a comment without drawing too much more unnecessary attention to a topic that belongs in the forum section of this site. (Hm...just realized though that I should have sent her a msg instead of commenting...mea culpa!)

2009 Jul 28
I didn't want to add anymore attention to the Canvas restaurant post, but I wanted to say that I definitely agree with you on your comment. :)

2009 Jul 17
Loved your review of Au Pied de Cochon!! Thanks for the link :)