Nespresso Aeroccino [Cooking]

2008 Jun 29
I spent most of this weekend at a cottage with my brother and his wife. Amongst other things, they introduced me to their Aeroccino milk warming/frothing device. My brother originally discovered this gadget while visiting our aunt and uncle in Switzerland. He bought it in the US and had it shipped to an address in Chicago, where he visits frequently for work. Does anyone know if this device is available somewhere in Ottawa? (Home Outfitters appear to carry it, but only as part of a complete Nespresso system.) It would be an ideal companion to the Aeropress coffee maker!

It is very fast, completely silent, simple to clean, and beautiful to look at. It has a temperature sensor, so it heats the milk only as much as needed.

This topic is strangely related to Zymurgist's "building a stir plate" (, since it uses the same technology. Perhaps this could be his next project. ;-)

2011 Jan 4
Perfect! So, would you go for the combo, machine with Aeroccino or buy seperate. In the end, the cost is the same... The machine is 299$ and Aeroccino 99$...Do they ever go on sale?

2011 Mar 18
Nice! I've had nothing but good experiences with their customer service people, too.

Although they aren't listed in the catalogues, I'm pretty sure that every spare part you could imagine is available, and at a pretty good price. I was thinking of getting a replacement water tank for my old C100 and they said it would cost all of $6.

They also said that, if you're looking for a spare part, you can do it on-line by asking for it in the "other comments" section of their order form.