Kitchen Gadgets and Tools you actually use? [General]

2010 Sep 28
If you are anything like us, you are just like a magpie in a kitchen store, especially the gadget section. Pineapple slicers, melon ballers, pizza scissors, and egg separators all seem like great ideas in the moment. Items that serve one purpose tend to end up spending years at the back of your kitchen junk drawer before they are pawned off on somebody at your next garage sale. We have learned to ask ourselves at the moment impulse strikes, ďCan I see myself rooting through a drawer for this item when Iím covered in flour or chicken juice, my guests arrive in twenty minutes, I havenít showered, and the cat is just waiting for me to turn my back on her?Ē

What are your favourites that you actually use, rather than just like the idea of having them?

Ours are at our latest Happy Mouth Posting:

Rob and Maureen

2011 Jan 4
I am inseparable from the Lee Valley Tolls spurtle. I almost use it daily, to stir oatmeal, boiling pasta, stirring soups, sauces...pretty much anything. I received it as a gift and didn't think much of it, but now I am sold!

2013 Jan 22
Ooo.. I just remembered my super inexpensive ginger grater. Love it. :)