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2013 Oct 17
Hey Johanna,

I'm thinking about picking up a bottle of Lagavulin 12, but before I lay out the cash, I was wondering - is it as delicious as some people say? Better than the 16?


2013 May 24
Hey Johanna, any idea who can import Carpano Antica Formula vermouth? I have been dying to get a hold of a bottle!

2013 Feb 20
Italofilo, so many eats and drinks, but so little time!

2013 Feb 2
I hope you didn't quit your Ottawa Cocktail Blog...

2012 Aug 21
Right back at you RedRum!

2012 Aug 16
Johanna, I am pretty sure I love you.

2012 Apr 23
I knew a Johanna years ago that worked with me at Hurley's Roadhouse, Is that you Jo?