Best Asian downtown? [General]

2013 Aug 23
What would you recommend dt especially near byward market?

2013 Aug 29
I second Aisu with regards to Genji (dt) and Sushi Umi (on WW, one block down from the WG), somehow Japanese seems very different from the other Asian cuisines listed above so I didn't think to venture this way. Kiko on Preston St (in LI) is another solid choice and they have a nice sidewalk patio; I can also recommend their Umeshi Plum Martini as a very classy aperitif.

@Stuart, I enjoy snark and sarcasm as much as the next smart ass but have found that more often than not it causes friction in the digital sphere. That said, I'm in no position at all to take any offense from you given that I pinched 6 of your double pork chops from the Krusty Homestead last month. To be honest it was Mr. Johanna who was all over these, I personally thought they were excessive and decadent, so thick and fat, but after BBQing them last weekend I now realize that you are a domestic god. You have my total respect, a 2-inch pork chop is truly the only way to fly ;o)

2013 Aug 30
So Good is prob my fav resto actually. It is just slightly out of the way unfortunatley.