Foods from Guru's Inspired Food Bar


May 28
Really surprised that Hintonburg's only Indian restaurant hasn't already been added to the site. It's a small, unassuming space that mostly does take-out, but if you're in the mood for Bollywood videos and addictive mango lassis (dare you to stop at one) then pull up a chair.

When I find something awesome I tend to stick with it and in this case it would be the butter chicken - on par with the best I've had at restaurants in the UK - the best naan bread in Ottawa (lavishly seasoned with butter), and the hakka noodles - I've been getting the vegetarian noodles and ask them to go easy on the sauce but YMMV. An honourable mention goes out to the fish curry - but that butter chicken tho...

Enjoy, repeat, enjoy, repeat. I really should get around to trying some of the other dishes - and I will, some day.