What are you drinking? [Booze]

2011 Apr 8

Tonight, i've been mixing up "dark and stormy's"... 2 oz dark rum, 6 oz ginger beer and a splash of lemon juice.

I like using real ginger beer for the spiciness. I've made this drink using other rums, like havana club and appleton's.

what are you drinking these days?

2013 Aug 18
Update on the 2008 Villa Raiano: I let my father know that I found this a bit too tannic for my liking and was chastised for seeking instant gratification in a big, bold Southern Italian wine. Thankfully my other half found a decanter at SVdP last year so I did as instructed and let the wine air for 2 hours. Along with a BLT made of garden tomatoes, True Loaf kamut sourdough baguette and Krusty Homestead Berkshire Bacon, this wine rounded out one of the best meals I've made this year, with the dryness and now-tamed tannins cutting through the fat of the bacon just so. In fact, the two of us even argued over the last drops of the wine. It seems the secret is in the decanter, something I'm sure more sophisticated wine drinkers on this site already know.

So to summarize: two big thumbs up for the 2008 Villa Raiano from Taurasi with a relaxed, meaty weekend meal, and IMO good value at $23.95, probably even more so if you have the patience to keep the bottle for another few years :o)

2014 Feb 19
sourdough I heartily agree with you on the Midvinterblot - I loved it and bought some to store and drink over the next year. For a RIS it is fairly low in alcohol (8%) but it has a wonderful well-balanced flavour profile, is quite chocolatey and makes a nice afternoon tipple. Still some 330 ml bottles left in Ottawa LCBOs, I see.
Tonight I'm enjoying my first Black Magic Woman by Hornbeer in Denmark, also a RIS, and completely different with a smokiness that's surprisingly good and quite strong, good hop bitterness, and a long finish that has you wanting more. It smells sweeter than it tastes but has an enjoyable maltiness. 10% abv, 500 ml and still some in Ottawa LCBOs.