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Fans of krusty
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2016 Jan 11

Are you doing any more sausage workshop or have a pig heading out?

2014 Jun 8
hey there - we're actually looking for a bale of hay to mulch our veggie garden. I have farmer friends in Vankleek hill but was hoping to find a farmer who is located closer. Can you point me in the right direction? Thanks :) We only need one maybe 2 at most ...

2013 May 3
It's gonna be a krustylicious pork weekend with pulled pork and Scottish Lorne sausage. Your pork is awesome! Let me know if you are willing to part with more. Cheers!

2012 Apr 3
Hi! I am looking for a well marbled whole packer's cut of brisket. Not for corned beef or smoked meat (that I can do) but for Texas style BBQ. Low and slow so lots of fat required. Thanks!

2012 Mar 22
Thanks for getting back to me. For future reference; how much does a half weigh and how much?

2012 Mar 20
Hi! The thought of some Berkshire pork is very appealing. I assume from the posts that the half you offered has been spoken for? Perhaps you could direct me to where I could buy some.


2011 Dec 23
Hi. Thank you very much but I am looking for something smaller. I cant afford that large of a bird right now ;-) looks like 2 small chickens will be on our menu for xmas! Thanks! Merry xmas!