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2012 Jul 16
If you are in Smiths Falls you can consider us almost neighbors!

Will keep you posted on potential dates for a mozza workshop and we can pick one that works for all. I have charged $50 for the workshop and you keep the mozza we make. I understand that may be difficult for some financially so I consider it flexible, but it is money well spent.

I have no issues with kids but I have some criteria on that. Several friends bring kids out to see animals and such but if you have a kid that cannot be controlled then they need to stay home. Farm animals are big and boundaries need to be followed. 90% of the kids who have been here are great but there are a couple who after coming out I have told their parents never to bring them out again.

This may sound harsh and best explained in person some horror stories. Keep in mind I love kids and have a 2 month old, I just dont want to see one get hurt as they run out of the car to pet the cow only to encounter an elec tric fence