Sausage Making Workshop Report [General]

2013 Jul 23
Last weekend Krusty was gracious enough to open up his homestead to visitors for a sausage making workshop. For those of you who couldn't make it here is a pictorial of genuine farm to fork eating.

2013 Jul 23
Sausages can be stuffed into natural or synthetic casings, natural casings being made from the inner layer of animal intestines while artificial casings are most commonly made from animal collagen but may also be made from cellulose or plastic. Unfortunately our imperfect government inspection process means that Krusty and other farmers are not able to obtain the intestines from their pigs to use as casings, making a 100% local/organic/pastured sausage near impossible.

2013 Jul 25
This looks like a great day spent. Hopefully I can participate some time in the future. This looked like a very good time and great food!