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2010 Apr 8
Hi Eva! I am glad that you took my advise and started posting your reviews here. I have been following your blog for some time now. Your reviews will be a great addition here.

I'm "The Benny's" in the blog world. Just in case you were wondering who I was :-)

2010 Apr 8
Thanks Fresh Foodie and thanks JDK.

2010 Apr 7
Nice blog - really enjoy your comments



2010 Apr 6
Thanks for updating your reviews! I'm dragging a bunch of them out of the "Questionable" rating now.. :-)

2010 Apr 5
But you aren't posting comments or reviews. You're posting links to your blog (and you continue to). If you were posting actual reviews it wouldn't be a problem. If you want to link to your personal website, this is what your profile is for.

2010 Apr 5
Hi all, I'm updating my reviews right now. I sort of did this backwards I think. I should have posted my comments over the last years as I made my blog posts.Sorry.

2010 Apr 5
I second Kaitlin's suggestion. This is clogging up my RSS feed and I have no interest in reading your blog.

2010 Apr 5

it's admirable that you have your blog up and running, but I would strongly suggest that instead of linking your posts to the comments, that you reiterate them. Otherwise, it's just spamming the reviews page.