They make and sell frozen dumplings, steam buns, sticky rice and green onion pancakes for home use. All in meat and vegetarian versions (except the green onion pancakes, of course).

Yen Fung Ding Dumpling Shoppe
Yen Fung Ding Dumpling Shoppe
Yen Fung Ding Dumpling Shoppe
Yen Fung Ding Dumpling Shoppe
Foods from Yen Fung Ding Dumpling Shoppe

2019 Jul 22
Yen Fung Ding is a little shop on the edge of Chinatown that is part-store and part-home. I've seen their frozen dumplings in a few Asian groceries in the city and have even bought a few in the past. However, I've never been inside the store, despite passing it many times over the years.

I got the chance to visit recently. The inside is homey with knick-knacks everywhere. There's only one small table for 2 in the shop but patio seating next to the shop. The lady who took our order (and made the dumplings I think?) was friendly and warm.

Hoping the dumplings would taste better than how we made them at home (usually, if made commercially, they're juicier and crispier), we bought the pan-friend dumplings with Napa Cabbage ($10.99) and the Shanghai Buns ($9.99). Unfortunately, we were disappointed.

The pan-fried dumplings turned out soggy, drenched in oil, while the meat in the Shanghai Buns was lacking in quantity and overly seasoned. Neither items were juicy (and in my experience, they should be), with many of the dumplings coming out with broken skins. As well, one of these items came with a chicken soup that tasted like oily salt water sprinkled with green onions.

In my opinion, it'd be cheaper to buy their frozen dumplings and prepare them at home. You could probably do about the same, if not better. If you want freshly-made dumplings, however, I'd recommend going somewhere else.

2015 Nov 3
Just a heads up that you can but these at the nearby Kowloon Market. I prefer to go to the shop if I can, but it's a good alternative if it's closed or you don't have any cash on you. The dumplings are fantastic, haven't tried the Sui-Mai but I look forward to. As it's been mentioned, hard to beat $10 for at least 6 tasty meals.

2015 Sep 21
Three sacks of house-made dumplings for ten bucks is hard to beat. The friendly lady made it hard not to buy more than I can fit in my freezer, total haul was four bags of dumplings and a tray of siu mai for $17. A bargain.

2013 Sep 27
I went last Sat and bought 4 packages of
Pork, Shrimp and Vegetable Wonton for $10. I brought
a cooler with me. Mixed the wontons with chicken soup and shared with my family. You can look DEALS under

2013 Sep 15
I was there this weekend. When I pulled up into the driveway, the owner came right outside. Probably to tell me not to part there if I wasn't buying anything. However, I went straight into the store and nothing else was said. I'd guess they get a lot of that and are tired of it.

I knew better, but showed up with no cash anyway. I had to go down the street and pay a service fee to get money from an ATM before going back. Oh, well. As I said, I knew better so I paid the 'stupid' tax.

2013 Sep 13
I knew this store for a long time since it was open on the first day. My favorite choice is Pork and Chives dumpling. When I am hungry, I pan fry three or four pieces and dip in the mix of Chinese rice vinegar and sesame oil. It is an enjoyable taste.

2013 Sep 13
I don't believe the other reviewer deserves thumbs down. I think it is great they have a website. I love this little shop and stock up on veggie dumplings and green onion pancakes all the time. It is cash only and I do not believe the woman at the front speaks English, but they've always been helpful. As a bonus, they have parking, which can be hard to find in Chinatown.

The dumplings have just a few ingredients, are easy to cook (boil/steam/pan fry) and they are made locally - not shipped in from elsewhere.

Cardamom - I think the cilantro garnish was added by foodieprints.

2013 Sep 12
The previous reviewer may not be legit, but, as it so happens, I had the shrimp siu mai from here last weekend and will be back. There was a good portion of shrimp in each dumpling and it was very tasty. The only thing I was disappointed about was from a presentation perspective because the old cilantro garnish was no longer in evidence, as per foodieprints ( For the record, I'm not affiliated with either FP or the shop... just should have written up a review in the first place.

2013 Sep 12
I have to say, the dumplings here are divine!

They also have a new website!

2013 May 12
You might be able to make the dumplings into potstickers.

Some people fry cooked dumplings and some pan-fry the uncooked dumplings until bottom is mostly browned and then steam it with the addition of water with a bit of sesame oil and vinegar in it and cooked for a couple of minutes then repeat until cooked through.