Schnitzel at Central Bierhaus
Schnitzel at Schnitzel Works
Schnitzel at The Rocky Mountain House
Schnitzel at Maximilian Dining Lounge
Schnitzel at New Dubrovnik
Where to get Schnitzel

2014 Aug 20
There's a place called, shockingly, Schnitzel's in Cornwall that does a mean schnitzel too, FYI. They have great beer on tap and their other stuff is good too. It's my favourite place in town.

2014 Aug 18
If you want Schnitzel, there are options up the Valley. There is the Rocky Mountain House in Renfrew and the Granary Schnitzel House in Eganville.

We've been to both, albeit quite a while ago. I'm not sure either is 'Wow' food but pretty solid if you have a hankering for schnitzel, especially now that Ottawa is schnitzelly-challenged.

2014 Aug 18
OSM you forgot Janis Joplin.

2014 Aug 18
That schnitzel would have to be a religious experience complete with choir of angels, heavenly hand of the Almighty, forty days of rain and the return from the dead of Elvis, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix and Amy Winehouse to announce their immediate supergroup concert tour to get me to drive to Cornwall for lunch.

2014 Aug 18
When the world cup was on in July we spent an afternoon at Das Lokal drinking beer and watching a match; we ended up staying for dinner. I had a decent schnitzel there, but it wasn't as good as a homemade schnitzel - it seemed like it was uniformly sliced rather than pounded thin, and just wasn't as flavourful as my homemade pork schnitzel.
I wonder if Schnitzels European Flavours restaurant in Cornwall might be worth the hour-long roadtrip from Ottawa for a more decent schnitzel:
Roadtrip anyone?

2014 Aug 18
Seriously, it's schnitzpocalypse in Ottawa.

What's left? I know there's the Schnitzelworks but that's only open for weekday lunches...

2014 Aug 16
And I miss you too :-(

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Sad face

2016 May 19
A recent family road trip found us near Renfrew, so I jumped at the chance to get a schnitzel plate here. We were very pleased with the quality of the schnitzels and the generous family-style bowl of vinegar slaw. No spätzle here, unfortunately, but it was a great meal anyway!

2019 May 4
The Schnitzel Plate is a solid choice here. I chose pork ($19) because it has good flavour and costs less than the chicken and veal. I opted for the "jäger" mushroom sauce. The schnitzels here are always breaded, Wien-style, so they can't really call it a true Jägerschnitzel. No matter, the Wienerschnitzel with Jägersauce was excellent!

The platter comes with excellent sauerkraut and rotkraut (red cabbage) and also some asparagus spears. The schnitzel lies on a bed of spätzle, which are nice but have a cheesy sort of sauce that makes a rich dish a little richer than it needs to be. I still had dessert though, so you be the judge. :P

Unfortunately, they didn't spell spätzle correctly on the menu. I see it incorrectly written as "spatzel" so often. German lesson: say SHPET-sleh. If you pronounce it correctly, it's easy to spell!


2013 Aug 3
Their schnitzel comes in sandwich form, very simple sandwich of cheese, lettuce, tomato, and schnitzel.

The pork is very nice and crispy, and the sandwich overall was very delicious, would definitely order this again. It's also nice to get a side of coleslaw with this, the fries I could do without.

2015 Oct 10
My parents brought me here for dinner after a day hiking and visiting Westport. I'd been wanting to check it out and they appreciate a good schnitzel!

Service is friendly and humorous in that uniquely stern yet warm East European way. We were going to share some side salads to start, but our server told us that the schnitzels come with a salad. This turned out to be a simple yet strangely delicious bowl of chopped celery and tomato dressed with what I could swear was just white vinegar, sugar, and salt. A basket of sliced rye arrived but it was quite dry, even after spreading it with the supplied butter... this was really the only low point of the meal and since it was complimentary I can't complain too loudly. :)

They have a few Beau's beers on tap and I was more than happy to enjoy a glass of Festivale.

The schnitzels truly are massive and I opted to have spätzle with mine. Both the schnitzel and the spätzle were excellent! My parents each had a half-size "senior schnitzel" with buttered potatoes, which was about the size you'd normally expect at a schnitzel restaurant. They also shared a side of red cabbage.. perfectly braised and seasoned.

Note that contrary to what the name Wiener Schnitzel might suggest, these schnitzels are made with pork instead of the traditional veal. Not a problem for me!

We had no room for dessert. Looking forward to going back one day.

2008 Sep 18
Wiener Schnitzel is the house specialty at Maximilian's, with it taking prominence on the menu served in various formats.

Schnitzel is HUGE at Maximilian’s, both in its popularity and in its portion. The lightly breaded veal cutlet literally covers the entire dinner plate, and every type of Schnitzel Dinner comes with German Salad beforehand, and two sides of Creamy Potatoes and Veggies.


2008 Feb 26
The schnitzel sandwich here is really good.

Although its more expensive than the one at the nearby Sausage Kitchen Sausage Kitchen , it's larger, and has a better quality bun.

It also has tomatoes, lettuce, mayo, mustard etc., instead of just bigos and mustard.


2008 Feb 26
Not a bad schnitzel sandwich, especially with lots of bigos and mustard. Cheap, cheap, cheap as well.


2014 Aug 16
And while we're missing all the great Germanic and Slavic restaurants ... sniff

2008 Jul 14
This is an established, cozy little restaurant. Service was friendly and gracious. In German restaurants I often have the Jaegerschnitzel mit Spätzle so when I saw Hunter Schnitzel on the menu at New Dubrovnik I got excited. The sides are pretty much the same for everyone: two vegetables and a choice of spätzle, rice, potato, etc, etc (there was a long list but I only had ears for the spätzle).

The Spätzle were unlike any I've had before (and I've had a lot). The striking thing was how yellow they were. Anyway, have no fear... they were delicious, probably in part because of the generous butter content.

The Schnitzel was fantastic. Not so much because of the meat (which was fine) but because of the sauce! That weird orangey gravy was insanely good. I still had a little of my dinner roll left and I happily used it to sop up the gravy remaining on my plate.

So all in all, some strange colours in this meal but they did not adversely affect the experience. I look forward to trying one of their breaded schnitzels on my next visit. Prices seemed kind of steep, but I say that about 80% of the restaurants I visit... ;-)

2007 Feb 16
Yes, I've had their Schnitzel here.. It was good and had a nice red vegetable sauce ontop. I don't know if I'm much for spatzel as it was my first time having it but it wasn't bad, but I'd have their veal again for sure:P Their palacinkes were to die for.. at the time they had a peach one and it was very delicious...mmmmmmm


2014 Aug 16
Still miss you too :-(

2007 Mar 14
They've got every imaginable kind of Schnitzle and I've had a few of these over the years and they've all been fantastic. Go during their annual game specials where you can get deer schnitzle and that sort of thing. Go anytime, they are all great. I always order them with Spaetzle because I love theirs so much.


2014 Aug 16
And I STILL miss them ... someone was asking me today about a good place to get Schnitzel :-(

2016 Sep 2
While they do offer full dinner-style schnitzel plates, the menu focuses on the schnitzel sandwich. There are a good dozen or so options with a diverse array of toppings and sauces. I had the German Schnitzel, which was a fried version of a Jägerschnitzel. The sandwiches are served on good soft Kaiser bread generously adorned with mayo, lettuce, tomato, and pickle. Delightfully priced at $8.99!

The schnitzel (pork) itself is tasty and of good size. I found it a little on the dry side so definitely choose a schnitzel with some kind of juicy topping.