Schnitzel House (JIJ Beer Garden)
Foods from Schnitzel House (JIJ Beer Garden)

2009 Jul 4
sniff. I still miss you, JIJ!

2008 Feb 22
Ahh I miss them too, I used to live just down the street. Loved the jager schnitzel and their waitresses, who I chatted up, one was from Kiev, Ukraine, and I believe she mentioned others from Czech Rep. I loved the fact that they served Kozel. Don't know about the owners though, or where they're from exactly. I do remember hearing about connections between the restaurant and the european deli/sausage shop on Bank St. down by the LCBO warehouse (near Heron).

2008 Feb 22
Yes, I do miss them quite a lot. But I'm pretty sure the owners were Serbo-Croatian, not Swiss. They certainly spoke some Slavic language (that I didn't recognise as Russian, Polish or Ukrainian) amongst themselves. And I believe the owner's name was Joshko (pr: Yoshko)

2008 Feb 22

They did have a really good plate of food .... when they were open.

How they lasted 5 or 6 years with only 20-30 customrers per week is beyond me.

The giggling whispers I ocacsionly heard, in Hintonburg hood, implied that the place was more of a Laundromat than a Restaraunt.

Swiss owners ..... Swiss bank accounts ..... hmmmmm

2007 Jul 13
Not sure if they've moved or what, but sadly this great place right around the corner from my house has closed down and Absinthe (whatever they are) are moving in.

Of course, I've had more than a few friends comment about the place closing down at 8pm on a Saturday evening so it seems they may have driven their own nails into their coffin.

Now I really regret not going here when my wife suggested we go for my birthday a few weeks ago :-(


2014 Aug 16
And I STILL miss them ... someone was asking me today about a good place to get Schnitzel :-(


2007 Mar 11
They've only got 5 or 6 taps but they really go out of their way to make them the highest quality beers. The food here is authentic German and Bohemian, so the combination of the two is spectacular!

Go here often! Especially during Oktoberfest when they have live oompa bands.


2007 Mar 14
At JIJ's I seem to recall they serve it with Spaetzle - in any case I always ask for the Spaetzle with everything at JIJ's because theirs is so fantastic. I've had their Rouladen many times and it is a true joy every single time I eat it.


2007 Mar 14
JIJ's has some of the yummies ones I've had either side of the pond - I order them as my starch with just about everything I have there. Of course they serve theirs with the sauce already on top.