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2012 Jun 20
I LOVE this place!

Stopped in at lunch yesterday to pick up some of their house-made cold cuts. I've had their dried sausage before (yum!) The guy at the counter was really nice and helpful. It seems that everything in the back row of the cold cut counter is house-made (in front are salamis, liverwurst, etc - some could be house made, but some were definitely labelled from elsewhere).

I got smoked turkey, "old fashioned" roast pork,and a few inches of liverwurst. That was all I intended to get, but I had noticed some mini-meatloaf-type-things on the counter, so I asked what they were. This is where the guy got really excited. He told me they were homemade German meatloaf (still warm from the oven!!)You can order a whole one, get it sliced for deli meat, whatever you want. I grew up in Hamilton, so Denningers was our deli of choice, and I have always adored their German meatloaf, but theirs is more of a processed bologna type thing. I got 100g to try, and I ate it on the way out - truly, truly the best I have had. Subsequent trips will always include some of this stuff. I like it plain on rye, but the counter guy said he fries it for breakfast instead of bacon. Worth trying, I think. Savoury, salty, pork-y.

I had some of the smoked turkey today, and it truly is just high quality smoked turkey breast - not of the super salty wetness you get with commercial deli meat. Not "processed" either - definite meat grain.

YUM! Oh - and I got 200g turkey, 200g pork, 100g meatloaf and liverwurst for $11.

2012 Feb 23
If you are looking for a quick lunch in the market, Sausage Kitchen should not be overlooked. I usually get the "sampler special" - 3 perogies, saurkraut,(LOTS OF) hungarian potatoes, choice of sausage and a drink. This is definitely enough for two meals (or one meal and a snack if you're a real foodie ;) )

Perogies - very tasty
Saurkraut - I'm still on the fence (but I'm not a huge saukraut fan to begin with). It does have pieces of diced meat in it, so thats a bonus to some!
Sausage - I usually get the Cajun (spiciest on the menu, and it IS spicy!) SO TASTY
Potatoes - Wow. Paprika'd, fried with sausage and onion bits chopped up (I suggest getting a little extra sour cream for these bad boys ;) ) And do you ever get alot!

Not only is the food delicious and large portions, but the staff are extremely friendly and helpful!

Next time I'm there I have to pick up some of thier butcher bacon.. mmmmmm

2011 Nov 18
Since everyone is making me jealous these days with their frequent Art-is-in lunch reviews I would like to review a plate full of awesomeness I ordered from the Sausage Kitchen today.

I have been making my way through the Sausage Kitchen lunch menu during the last couple of months and today I decided to order the sausage sampler. I got my choice of sausage (today I ordered the Cajun sausage) served over a motherlode of fries which were fried potatoes with meat (sausage and pepperettes I think) and onions. Included in the meal were sauerkraut and perogies. I actually managed to eat all the sausage, sauerkraut and perogies. I couldn't eat the fries though because I was beyond full at this point. I brought them home with me for supper tomorrow night with a Sausage Kitchen sausage that I have in the freezer. Hopefully I will be hungry by then...

2011 Feb 24
I went to the Sausage kitchen yesterday for lunch and to pick up some amazing cold cuts, "pastrami, homemade smoked chicken, and venison dry sausage”. Amazing! And very reasonable.. actually cheaper than lobaws - which is crap anyway.

Here is a picture of the pork schnitzel sandwich. THAT is a mans sandwich if there ever was one. hahaha. Cutlet, fresh bun, hot mustard and kapusta/begos (aka. sauerkraut)

At 4ish bucks, good bargain! They also have all sorts of other central European goodies at the hot table. hmmmmm.

No more explanation necessary.

Between Market Organics, La Botega, Sausage Kitchen, and the Continental delicatessen, the market has so many amazing food options.

2010 Sep 24
I often shop at the Sausage Kitchen for sausages, schnitzels and other meats and I absolutely love their products. Today I stopped in for lunch and got a leberkase and sauerkraut on a bun. It was very tasty and a bargain at $4.75. My ex introduced me to their lunch counter years ago and I was eating there fairly regularly for awhile. Not sure why I stopped going but I am really going to have to make a point of going back more often. I still have to try the schnitzel on a bun and the sausage on a bun.

2010 Apr 30
Great Place for very filling, quality European food. I'm not sure if they are Polish, Ukranian, Austrian or German. Non-the-less, they have an exceptional lunch table. Don't expect anything fancy.

I have been there three times now, and all three were completely satisfying. You cannot go wrong with a Schnitzel on a Bun. They have pork or chicken (they are both equally good). They top her up with some Cabbage (similar to polish bigos, but not quite), hot mustard, mayo, and sauted onions. It's very messy so plan on sitting down. I have also had their sampler platter - not very expensive at 7.99, it includes your choice of sausage (they have a few to choose, bratworst, polish sausage etc etc and i believe they make them on site), choice of potatoes (regular or hungarian which seem to have paprica and chopped up saugage sprinkled on them. You also get some cabbage (same as the above mentioned, 3 perogie and I cannot forget a Schnitzel.

All in all, if you are in the market for lunch, Skip all the tourist traps like Moulin De Province and the restuarants in that strip. Come here for some reasonably priced amazing euro food. It won't disappoint, unless you can't handle heavy euro food - in that case, go eat some fresh fruit (and make sure only to buy from the vendors with a sign indicating that it is 100% local produce. Stay away from the yellow signs indicating [up to 100% resale produce - it's no better than loblaws, and more expensive])


2008 Mar 15
I went here today in a bit of a rush actually... I had planned a little student dinner at my house with a focus on Ukrainian food. I had made some perogies previously but I was looking for more food items to present to fill 4 hungry boys.
I was amazed at the fresh, frozen, and prepared food they had. I snatched up some frozen cabbage roles, some Kielbasa and a House meat as well, and then some other things like sourkraught. I was very impressed with the selection they had there for meats and the prices as well were very very reasonable. I think the one thing I had to hum over was the cabbage rolls which were about 5$ for 3 (frozen). But the decision was easy once I saw how big the cabbage rolls were, and the fact that I didn't have to make them!
The counter with the 'meals to go' looks like the next place I'll get my lunch from if I'm in the market.

2007 Aug 1
I 2nd Tiana's sentiments... they make a mean pierogi. Plus, they have a HUGE lunch that consists of sausage, pierogi, paprika coated fried potatoes and onions, maybe a little schnitzel or something... it's enough to feed two people, and it was really cheap the last time I had it. Sometimes I get free food from them when they're about to close... mmm... paprika potatoes... so simple... so delicious!

2007 Aug 1
Best take-out pirogies in the land!

Well, these are the only take out pirogies I've ever had but they're petter than many home-made one's I've had.

2007 Aug 1
Best source for utilitarian sausages, pre-cooked or uncooked (you can also request casing removed). We buy a bunch and toss them in the freezer for quick meals, they keep well (best eaten within a few weeks of freezing). Eastern European sausages are their speciality: Kreiner, Debreziner and the farmer's sausage are all great on their own or as an ingredient.

(I prefer LaBottega for Italian and Aubrey's for chorizo)





2008 Feb 26
Not a bad schnitzel sandwich, especially with lots of bigos and mustard. Cheap, cheap, cheap as well.


2008 Feb 26
Made in store and really good on the Sausage Kitchen schnitzel sandwiches.

2008 Jun 5
saw both weisswurst and weisswurst with wild garlic here today.


2011 May 16
Thrilled to find Buendnerfleisch (air-dried beef) in this great store. It was around $5.49/100g, but as you can see in the photo 100g goes a long way as the meat is sliced very thin.

The meat itself was of good quality. Salty and tender, the way it should be. Enjoy on open-faced sandwiches with pickles!