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Weisswurst (lit: "white sausage") is a Bavarian delicacy which is often maligned in the rest of Germany due simply to it's looks. It's made from veal and pork, and is typically served with mustard.

Weisswurst at Elk Ranch
Where to get Weisswurst

2009 May 24
You can find Weisswurst at Produce Depot on Carling Ave on a regular basis. It's the Brandt Meats brand with some parsley in the sausage meat. Reasonably priced at around $5 a pack.

2008 Oct 3
Don't let any of your Bavarian friends know you ate it like that :-) This is truly one of my very favorite German dishes, and there is only 1 "authentic" way to eat it. You just cover in a pot with broth or even white wine, and bring just up to almost the boil and hold it there for about 10 minutes. Then serve with a very good German mustard! As my photo shows in another entry I have for Weisswurst, you serve it in a bowl with the broth it was cooked in, and of course a Bretzel on the side doesn't hurt either :-)

Though I'm sure they were still yummy off the Q - I've done them like that once or twice too :-)

2008 Jun 12
If you are ever in the Syracuse area, there is a sausagemaker there called Hofmann who makes a weisswurst-like product called "Snappy Grillers" - these can be purchased in a number of grocery stores in northern NY state. We buy them when we go down there and bring them back in a cooler. We like them a bit better than the Sausage Kitchen weisswurst, which I recall as being a bit "perfumy" in taste.


2008 Jun 2
A bit on tradition and how to eat it. Yes! There's a proper way.

I liked this: "...but be warned that some drinks are considered to be very strange in combination with Weisswurst. So, if your waiter looks a bit bewildered when you order Weisswurst with wine or milk, the reason is because the drink is not OK. Just order beer and everything will be fine."

2008 Jun 2
So what makes traditional weißwürst traditional? I did enjoy kalbsbratwurst when we were in Zurich, so any indication on what the secret ingedients are would be welcome ;)

2008 Jun 2
Ahhh love Weisswurst. Ate a lot of it during a short work term in Wien ... and haven't seen any good stuff here yet.

So anyone got a recipe? I'm thinking maybe buying the grinder attachment for the kitchen aid and stuffing some myself. Has anyone tried this with Weisswurst?

2008 Jun 1
Wow, I've never had Weißwürst in the traditional Bayern manner! I think you can buy them all over the place, but they don't tend to be very good. The European Deli (European Delicatessen) and Swiss Pastries (Swiss Pastries ) have them for sure. Have you tried theirs? I'm reluctant to link this food to a vendor until we know where the good ones are. I don't see them listed on the product page of Bank Street Sausage shop (Bank Street Sausage and Deli ), but there are certainly white sausages in the photos on their homepage: banksausagedeli.com

My experience with similar sausages has been with the Swiss "Kalbsbratwurst" (which I believe also goes by the name "OLMA Bratwurst"). Unlike Weisswurst, these contain no green bits and are often pan fried and served with onion gravy and Rösti (Rösti), or simply grilled and served with bread (as in the photo here of a feast my uncle and cousin prepared on a wooded hill in Switzerland). A friend told me that Richtree Market sold something similar as "Zürcher Bratwurst" but I don't know if they still offer it. So much investigation to do!

NOTE: In the photo, the sausages in the top left are the famous Swiss "Cervelat" sausages, which I believe deserve their own food entry here. ;-)

2008 Jun 1
Last I saw a good Weisswurst was in Kitchener, which is fitting I suppose. It seems most deli's/sausage shops in Ottawa are of the Czech, Ukrainian, or Polish persuasion... now it's making me wonder, would it be worthwhile asking the kind owners at German Town deli if they have a supplier? Hmm... might be worth investigation, Zym...

2008 Jun 1
Weisswurst and a really good mustard = heaven!


2008 Jun 5
saw both weisswurst and weisswurst with wild garlic here today.

2008 Jun 7
Just grilled some of these up on the BBQ. One day I'll work up the nerve to simmer them in stock the Bayern way...

Anyway, these were excellent Weißwürst. A little longer than the ones in zymurgist's photo. They didn't have green bits, which is fine with me. I believe Swiss Pastries also carry the chived (parsleyed?) ones but they were out of them when I dropped by. This was the Carlingwood location.

2008 Jun 8
Wow, what a coincidence! The day after I created the Weisswurst food here, a German friend of mine asked me if I knew where to get authentic ones. He ended up getting some here and was extremely happy with them as he reported to me yesterday. I believe he even said they have several varieties available.

2008 Oct 3
We bought these sausages at the Lansdowne Farmers Market last weekend. Put them on the BBQ, didn't take long, with some BBQ sauce and WOW, these were really really good sausages! We are very picky about the meat we eat, since it is so rare, so we choose pretty wisely and don't mind spending a little more for quality since it's not that often. These were mildly spiced and very lean. And surprisingly for a sausage, quite light! Didn't get that heavy feeling in your stomach afterwards...and I ate 2!

2009 May 24
Thanks Chimi!